Hot Pasta in 5 Minutes Flat Recipe

Delicious Husband-Unit Approved Pasta in 5 minutes flat!
Vegetarian, Vegan (depending on your choice of pasta and pasta sauce).
On my quest to make warm hearty and healthy meals while out in our RV I have found my Instant Pot to be a universal solution at home so figured it would be just as easy and it is.
This RV trip happened to be our first on Full Hook Ups! I feel like I’m staying at the Bellagio with the freedom of power and water. It is also crisp and cold (perfect weather for the Ohio State Buckeyes to play the Michigan Wolverines) with a giant storm cell on its way. Goodie gumdrops!
Optional: picked up two baguettes at Sprouts and our daughter got us a bottle of Bogle and the fixings for a green salad (lettuce, some of the peppers, carrots, tomatoes).

You’ll need:
Instant Pot pressure cooker

1 3/4 cups of water

2T water

1 small jar (12 oz) of marinara or pasta sauce (I will be experimenting from complete scratch later)

1 diced red bell pepper

1 diced yellow bell pepper

1 cup chopped broccoli

1 onion diced

1t black pepper

1t oregano

1T red pepper flakes

5 garlic bulbs chopped small

1 lb of dry pasta

1 bottle of red wine

1 need to warm-up bread

Preheat your oven for your bread.
Place 2T of water in IP and add onion and garlic until soft. Add marinara sauce and the rest of ingredients EXCEPT dry pasta. Stir well making sure everything gets submerged.
Break pasta into small sticks (half way crack or thirds work, depending on your IP size) and add to mix. Stir so the sticks are broken apart, not clumped up.
Now would be a good time to place bread in oven.
Manual setting for 5 minutes. Close lid, check the pressure valve to make sure it is in the closed setting.
Let the pressure release on its own.
Open lid and VOILA!
Stir and serve it up.

Note: I believe adding less water and more sauce would be better.  Randy prefers less sauce so I catered to his wishes.
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