Good Stuff (actual quote)

If you don't have something nice to say SHUT UP

Just wanted to post this awesome quote because it is so true.

Today, just now, I stopped to think of all of the people that are in my life and how I treat or speak to them.

When I turned 30 I made a conscious decision to not participate in rumors, negative comments, spreading anger, sharing information I didn’t see/feel/hear with my own ears or eyes.

I won’t tolerate it and will tell the person sharing it with me I’m not interested.

For 19 years (almost 20) I’ve been practicing this.

I guess it helped me feel better.

Who knows if it is directly related to reducing the stress in my life and then, in turn, helping me out of an awful sickness that was probably going to kill me.  Some of my friends might remember the awful blisters I would get that filled my mouth (every surface), went down my throat, into my ears and nose.  I’m happy to say they are GONE.

WARNING: The photo here is in 2011 during an extreme blister breakout.

One day I will write about exactly how and what happened.  They began in February 2005 and I haven’t had them for going on 3 years.  Coincidentally when some seriously negative people “unfriended” me. Along with these two they took their like-minded “friends” with them.   They did me a HUGE favor!  I’m sure it contributed to my health (mental and physical) making a turn for the better and stabilizing.

Blisters 2011

Anywho… be part of a movement that spreads only nice words.  Be consistent.

I’m not talking about being sensible and giving advice that might not be what someone wants to hear.  I’m talking about the type of people that thrive over bad news, share rumors, create drama, make things difficult…ON PURPOSE.

Eventually, when you stop “dealing it” yourself you’ll find out how many people enjoy your company and those that do not. 

Sunshine smothers drama!

Gotta run now.

Have over 10,000 photos to get scanned in before we move!



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