Dear Aunt Denise and Uncle Jaydee,

Me and my dad in Park City.

Jan 10th, 2018

Dear Aunt Denise and Uncle Jaydee,

We got to run the Provo River!! I ate snow (didn’t check if it was yellow…what’s that supposed to mean anyway?)

Just wanted to write to let you know your plan is working out perfectly for me and Zoey (and Piper).

Dad continues to allow 3 meals a day PLUS has bumped up the walks. I feel like I’m in heaven.

Yesterday we took our usual route to the Provo River. It’s about 2 miles round trip. Ducks EVERYWHERE.  Even Zoey loves it. She isn’t limping after plus she practically RUNS top speed home. Two things on that: now I know she has been faking her limp injury to get mom and dad to feel sorry for her and give her treats and extra pets and also she can’t tell time (like I can) and thinks we are going to be fed dinner when we get home from the walks.

Even with Zoey getting that one extra meal (which isn’t that big) she hasn’t gained an ounce.

Piper finally got a new shelf to eat on (and sit sometimes). She seems to love it. I think it’s old and from the thrift store (don’t judge).  I put photos at the bottom of my letter.

We took a walk up Y Mountain. I met a lot of other dogs and people. Dad lets me be off leash a lot as long as no one else is around. It was the start of 2018 which fell on a Sunday which meant 75% of the population in our town was at church. The path was snowy/icy but mostly just dirt. Zoey didn’t get to come with us on this trip.

Y Mountain hike. Me and dad.
Zoey played at the school in Park City Utah.

Then another time we got to go with mom and dad to Park City Utah! Have you been there? It is very fancy and filled with rich people (I could smell the money). Folks were friendly but sparse. There isn’t enough snow compared to what they need. Dad says their economy has to be suffering so we bought some stuff there. We went to the school grounds for a walk and I got to eat snow! Did I ever tell you how much I LOVE eating and rolling in snow? I picked this up at Lake George. Did I ever tell you how much I loved Lake George and the mountain life? Not so much on the trailer we lived in (I did not have any room – not complaining…just reporting).

To offset the added costs of our extra meal I worked on ways to pitch in. Everyone seems to be happy with it. Dad says your name a lot (mostly Jaydee) when he sees my contributions.

Just a short list of a few that I’ve really gotten extra good at:

  • Complete spill clean up
  • Trashes emptied while mom and dad away (I left recyclables)
  • Visited and left turds on almost 65% of our neighborhood yards (they were packaged in colorful bags right after). We aim to meet our neighbors in person one day, dad says.
  • Rearranging furniture (as needed)
  • Guarding front door, bedroom door, bathroom door and back door IN THE DARK on the DARK WOOD FLOOR (I am so big, I don’t understand why they keep tripping on me).

Oh and I’ve figure out how to get fed sooner than Piper (and even mom and dad!). Both Zoey and I have been taking turns moaning and walking panic-like around the kitchen and living room. I know my Happy Meal is coming soon when I hear “GOOOAWAY!” from Dad. The louder he says it the sooner my dreamy dish arrives. I still haven’t figured out how to eat slowly.

Mom has been feeding almost all of the ducks along the Provo River path every day which is pushing dad’s buttons. The other day she bought an entire loaf of bread home from Smith’s (our grocery store) JUST FOR THE DUCKS. Dad hit the roof and told her she could have extra spending money for DI (our local thrift store) or the ducks…not both. He act’s like he’s the boss of her sometimes. Mom called him “Squeaks” but I don’t know what that means.

We have eaten every meal together since December 22nd last year! This has not happened in my life. The longest they ate at home was 3 days, MAYBE 4. Mom has been in the kitchen a lot baking and making lots of delicious meals. More than normal. They have so many leftovers (I think I get some in my 3 meals too).

The future is looking bright for our family here.  We seem to be settling in to our new house.

Dad got a job with a company called Enecon. Now we get to hear about all the machinery and buildings that need to be fixed instead of demolished and replaced. I’ll never get bothered hearing mom and dad talk about work. He says this job is just like when he worked in the textile industry. I am happy he is happy.

Mom is stuck in the mud on getting employed. She has done a lot of applications for a lot of different jobs. One was a waitress job at a Mexican restaurant. She was hired after the owner did a background check on her the same day as the interview. Apparently the place wasn’t a good fit because mom is too much of a neat-nick and the place was a disaster. The longest employee was 9 months (after being open for 6 years). The would not let her push alcohol and everyone knows how much my mom loves margaritas ESPECIALLY with Mexican food.

If she doesn’t get a job I am assuming I will continue to get home-cooked meals. Not to be a downer or anything but I hope she doesn’t get a job.

Piper is getting cat hair everywhere (which I’m helping spread around along with my shedding.)

Anyway, I just wanted to make sure you knew your plan was STILL being followed.

Tonight is Movie Night!  I’m betting on cleaning up some popcorn (just doing my job!)

Please sniff Evie’s butt for me and pass on my regards to her.

Love and miss you,


Helping mom make surprise chocolate cupcakes for dad.


Mom’s chocolate chunk cupcakes. I wasn’t allowed to get ANY.


















  1. Well….so glad to hear that your mom & dad are FINALLY letting you use the computer! It’s about time we hear YOUR side of the story up there in Utah😉. When will Piper be allowed to get her paws on those keys though?! We need the feline perspective too. 😺

    Sorry the first waitress job didn’t work out. Doesn’t sound like a very nice place to work anyway. I will tell you though that it’s hard to be 100% in that industry. I think I mentioned that waitress nightmares are REAL when dealing with all that multi-tasking. Phew….when I think about those Saturday nights…😳

    Nice to know that dad is earning his keep now. But tell him to go easy on the ducks. They don’t have much to look forward to each day if not for those bread crumbs thrown by mom. 🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆

    I guess the snowy season has finally started for you guys up there (according to your photos). Wow – it must be beautiful! We’re just dealing with mud slides down here and it’s not good. 😔 The 101 freeway has been closed for about a week now. That’s just unheard of.

    Anyway, nice to hear from the furry fam up there. Keep the posts coming!


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