The Prophet



I saw this book for the first time in the 1970’s and began reading it at age 8. Back then my mom was searching for answers and The Prophet (without annotations) was part of our lives as well as a bookshelf of other self-help and religious books.

Reading it then (my mom taught me to read very young) I scanned over the Chapters looking for one that piqued my interest. Every night, at dinner, we would read a meaningful passage before dinner.

It was just my mom, my little sister and myself.

I could not put the thoughts together to give them meaning. They were just words linked together randomly with titles I recognized

Good and Evil

Those were some of them.

Today, 4 decades later, I finished the book understanding more than I ever could.

The annotations at the end of each chapter were very helpful. Gibran wrote plenty of books and it seems mountains of letters to two women, one of them he proposed to and was turned down. The bits and pieces of his life are covered and I appreciated getting an even deeper understanding of how he “thought” or even possibly came up with some of his writings.

His thoughts were epic.

The book was originally published in 1923. The depth of wisdom he gives is life changing if you really allow it.

In today’s world we are wrapped up in instant gratification and this book forces you to slow down and absorb the meaning of each word, sentence, page and chapter.

If you are searching for the meaning to basic questions, Kahlil Gibran might help you find them.

This is a book to own, not borrow.

To be able to underline and highlight what has impact on you and your life and thoughts.

Since none of us are the same it will have different meaning.

I also think you have to have an open mind before reading this. Willing to see a different perspective.

To me, we are all The Prophet in our lives. We have answers to the same questions the villagers had of this man that stayed for 12 years.

We have people in our lives that want to know our thoughts on these topics before we leave.

I know I wish I knew my mother’s explanation of LOVE (to begin with).

Please read this book.


Meal Planning: Easy…NOT easy

Making a meal plan is NOT easy.

So much life just distracts you.  For me, sitting as quietly as possible in a room without anyone else and zero music playing…only dogs licking themselves off and on bothering me… it took me an HOUR.

I wanted to use what was IN my cupboards, fridge and freezer.

Here’s what I came up with.

Week 1 Plan 

I ran it by Randy to see if he wanted to make any changes. We had eggs so he decided to switch out breakfasts a few times.

I created my grocery shopping list and because I know what/where items are in the grocery store I organized it to be super efficient in that task.  This is a bonus as a Vegan Chef – I know where the odd things are.


Life began to happen and we almost fell off within 2 days. 

I began baking and creating the dishes that we would have.  The house smelled great.  This was only possible because I am not working right now. REALITY CHECK.

Randy began to look for my beat up planning paper to ask what we’d be having for dinner which inspired me to stick to the plan.

Our grocery shopping for WEEK 1 was about $68.  Again, I had resources in my kitchen but I was pretty stoked to only spend that much for a full week of meals ALL HOME COOKED, packed with flavor, low on salt and always enough for LEFTOVERS!

I also planned out my exercise and the pet’s meals (we are all dining on the ritz).  The $68 INCLUDED their 7 days, 2 meals a day. 


  1. You need TIME to plan and execute a meal plan.
  2. It is important to have a dessert (in our house).  You can make them with less junk in them – with lots of flavors. 
  3. It is cheaper to plan meals and cook.
  4. Once we got rolling it was easier.  It’s not EASY yet (and I’m going to be working again…which means a lot of cooking on days off).  I’ve got Week 2 planned out and I’m excited to make that chocolate cake (vegan of course).