Dewey Decimal System & New Marketing Strategy

I created my own SIGN OUT card for my book.

After my meeting (which was a one-on-one) with a local Literary Agent (I cannot remember her exact title) I got my first taste of the actual path or steps it will take to publish my story AND get it into the mainstream and maybe even winning awards.

The latter is NOT my priority but I think winning awards gets you onto the radar of more people that actually READ. We shall see.

Back in elementary school I remember being marched in line to the library with the purpose of learning the Dewey Decimal System. That must have been when I was 8 or 9 years old. It was dumb and I blew off paying attention. That system is STILL AROUND and it makes sense!

Here’s a good explanation of the numbers that you’d find categorizing a story. I thought it was interesting enough to share.

Also, I have chosen 801 and 805. Would you agree?

Did you know it was a proprietary system created by Melvil Dewey?

I found this interesting Wikipedia about him.

He died in July 1891 – 128 years ago this month.


The way I want to get the story out cannot include big budget spending! Marketing will need to be organic and hopefully those that read and experience my story and presentation through this blog, my podcast and my Patreon website/blog ( will work.

Yesterday I COULD NOT get my podcast to play for my husband. I got frustrated at first then I actually had a little panic hit my stomach. WAS SOMEONE IN SCIENTOLOGY’S OFFICE OF SPECIAL AFFAIRS or one of their paying public doing amends purposely sabotaging me?

I quickly scanned over what I’ve said publicly and yes, it isn’t good for them. But I know it is true (and so do they). Will that stop them from stopping me? Oh lord I HOPE NOT.

Which is another reason to get my experience told.

Scientology accepts no responsibility in any of the damage they have caused in any person’s life. Like NONE. Despite so many claims they DENY DENY DENY! It’s comical. They’ll NEVER accept but they will ALWAYS attack.

The podcast started working after about 10 minutes. No idea what went wrong.

Link to podcast on iTunes HERE


I have printed 10 copies of Chapter 1 and mailed them randomly across the USA.

The photo above is the inside of the cover…like a textbook we would sign for every year. It was always cool to see WHO HAD THE BOOK BEFORE YOU. Once I got a book that a super handsome guy had two years prior (his name was Jason Wiley) which made me feel cooler somehow. It was random. Another person’s book I got was a famous cheerleader at our school… Trisha Davis. I wonder how these two are doing in life nowadays. Where do they live?

My goal is to have the manuscript passed on to someone else after reading it. Each person has an opportunity to get Chapter 2 sent to them (the instructions are at the end of the book).
This was Randy’s idea and I love it!

We’ll see how this goes.


Happy Friday to all of you!

Piper is our rescue cat from Oxnard. She’s part human. In the evening Randy and I sit and talk about how the day went, plans for the next day… you know, normal stuff. She often just takes a seat as though she has something she’d like to add.

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