My First Official Escape from Scientology

The official symbol of the Sea Organization.

Quick Review on timeline…

1970’s: Mother joined Squirrel Group, The Mereta Group in Columbus Ohio.

1974 First scientology classes and “auditing” begins for my sister and I ages 4 and 6 in Columbus Ohio.

1975-1976 (I think) Mother marries a fellow scientologist, Stephen Penn May. We move from an apartment (we lived next door to Alyssa and Chris Jones) on Georgetown Drive in Columbus Ohio to 2447 N. 4th Street. It was not a safe neighborhood. Transferred to Medary Elementary from Indian Springs Elementary.

1979 Due to the horrific conditions of the “home” Steve forced us to live in (as a highlight: we had a hose that ran from the backyard spigot through the floor to the upstairs bath) and my mother expecting a child, we move out of 2447 N. 4th Street to 4944 Fairway Court, doors down from my Uncle Bill MacCaughey.

1980 My brother, Geoffrey Paul May is born in November in our apartment. Natural delivery with no complications.

1981 Steve convinces my mother to move into a better home 129 Olentangy Street Columbus Ohio while he renovates the N. 4th Street house to sell. He bought the home, he says, for $11,000.

1981-1982 I experience physical and mental abuse from Steve and his “friends” from being punch across the room to taunting about my weight and being told “You’ll never get a guy as fat as you are.”

1977- Summer of 1982 I ran away from home for more than 24 hour periods at least a dozen times from age 9-13 staying at friend’s homes, in Wes Barnishan’s treehouse, in a car back seat and just walking the streets all night. Mom called cops once that I know of.

1982 Mother sent us to serve L. Ron Hubbard in Clearwater Florida November ages 12 and 14 in the Sea Organization from Columbus Ohio. My last complete year was 9th Grade. I was transferred to Linden McKinley for my 10th Grade year but only had a few weeks before we were sent to Clearwater.

1982 I signed a Billion Year Contract to become a member of the Church of Scientology’s Sea Organization. No, my mother did not sign any papers approving this nor did she had ANY idea what our living conditions were. She was lied to and told we would have a “Guardian” but all that happened was a brief meeting of two adults (I’ll let them remain nameless for now) in the lobby of the Fort Harrison Hotel.

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