Mold In Your Clothes: I’m POSITIVE of it!

I just cleaned THE TRAY a month ago. Didn’t even think to look inside this area.

Do you have a FRONT LOAD WASHER?

They’re THE WORST! In 13 years of being married and raising 4 kids, running a boot camp sweating our brains out and running plenty of trails…we ran our washer and dryer A LOT. We also bought THREE SETS of washer/dryer set ups and the last one was THE BEST. A TOP load washer.

Here’s what I suspect is the reason we could NOT get the smell out no matter what we did!


Look at it seeping off the top of the space that the drawer that you use to dispense soaps, fabric softener and bleaches. GROSS!!!

We did EVERYTHING to try to get that stink out of our clothes. I think we had to throw things away much sooner too. What a WASTE of time and money.

The front loaders suck. That’s my conclusion. I don’t care how fancy they are – the fancier the worse they are after a short amount of time.

I cleaned this drawer a month ago. In ONE MONTH the mold and slime built back up. It’s just Randy, me and our Landlord using this system.

Most front loaders come with an “afresh” setting. I call bullshit on this. It’s just another way for them to sell product. First create the damn problem and then miraculously have a solution. IT IS BULL!!!!

If you have a front loader with a tray like this one pull it out and look. Get gloves. Mold is mold and I’m no scientist but I’m thinking after a while it’s got to be unhealthy for you. And OH MAN if you have BABIES!?! THEIR IMMUNE SYSTEMS ARE DELICATE…you think you’re doing a favor washing everything on super hot settings getting all the stink out. WRONG. You are putting more mold INTO your clothing.


Take your front loader BACK if you can. Return it and get a TOP LOADER and you’ll never have this problem.

I’ve said it a million times: we had a beat up washer and dryer forEVER. Like decades I’d say! It did not break down.

Fern (Randy’s great grandmother) had the same washer for 50 years. I got to use it – I think I took a photo of it I was so excited. The best part? You actually immerse your clothing in WATER to clean them! WHAT!? Yep, water.

I also call BS on the “water saving” claims. You have to wash your clothing 4 or 5 times in an attempt to get the stink out. Water is NOT saved and I’d guess it was even worse.

Clean OFTEN.

Leave the door open in-between – let the chamber dry out completely.

Wash the tray and chamber at least WEEKLY! Use bleach and scrub every crack, crevice and hole. Those “dispensing” holes are difficult to reach.

Components in a drawer. Lots of places for mold to grow happily in the darkness!

Soak your super clothing in a large bucket (like a Home Depot 5-Gallon one) in white vinegar and Borax for a day. Use a broom handle to swish it around – don’t over stuff it. You need WATER and SPACE to swish a lot. Mix the water, vinegar and Borax before you put the clothing into the bucket. Then rinse and refill with just plain water and let it set for a few hours. Put the wet clothing (it should be dripping) into the washer to trick it into thinking it is heavier and hopefully it will sense it needs to put MORE WATER into the cycle.

Wear gloves when doing this!


Do me a favor when you get around to looking into this: TAKE PICS. Send me a copy and I’ll post it below to help WAKE PEOPLE UP.


My mom would have told me this, I’m positive.


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