Garmisch Germany

My mother left my sister and me about 50,000 photos (at least!!).

She was ahead of her time capturing places, faces, emotions, actions, thoughts…stories.

I’m trying to put time in scanning these incredible photos.

If you have a pile of photos in print and have not yet scanned them I’d suggest you do it asap. Do it when there are family members around that can help you identify places and faces. Write the year on the photo and even better the entire date!

My mom accompanied my dad to Garmisch Germany. I’m going to guess it was the end of 1966 because she once told me that’s where I was conceived.

Without knowing this information until later in life I thought it was very interesting that I took German in my short time in high school (and I know ONE sentence… “Ich bin sehr mude.”

I am also unable to watch any stories about the Holocaust without breaking down into a sobbing puddle of grief.

Not quite sure how to explain that.

My family history includes being part of the Underground Railroad here in the United States. Maybe I’ll find some historical photos of that if I keep digging.

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  1. Hi there,

    I haven’t forgotten about returning your first chapter. I should’ve brought it to the wedding, but didn’t think of it. I’ll continue reading. The reason I haven’t already sent it is because I can’t seem to get my friend, the English teacher, to give me back her copy. She was going to make edits, too. There aren’t that many errors, so I’ll get my copy to you, especially now that you have more to read. 🙂

    Take care,



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