Good News, FINALLY

This is my mom, Mary Helen May. She was studying at Big Blue in the 80’s in Public Relations in Hollywood California.

I’ve had my site turned off for a few months. I wasn’t doing so hot…hit the lows of life and really didn’t want to communicate to anyone about anything.

Often I imagine how my mind and brain would be handling situations if I’d never ever heard of the cult of scientology. It molded my thought patterns and how I react to life issues.

But yesterday was a big day in the progress of eliminating this cult from humankind.

Having been inside this “religion” for most of my life and put my own kids through it too I know that they hold every transgression and secret you tell them in an untouchable vault. I’m not kidding. There are processes and systems in this church on how to handle the information we tell them. One thing is for sure: at least 3 other people read your transgressions before they’re stored away. And if they want, they’ll pull out these “priest penitent” labeled folders and hurt you if you don’t conform.

I think this is why my mother was so “dedicated”. She didn’t have a choice and I’m sad she felt she couldn’t reveal all of the terrible things she knew. I have family still alive and maybe they’ll write it down or tell the stories my mom kept secret.

I bring this up because yesterday Danny Masterson went from alleged rapist to ACCUSED rapist – FINALLY!

Anyone in scientology ever knows all of the paper trail concerning Danny’s life is written and recorded in his own words (on video/audio) to the auditor and case supervisor that read what he spoke in a session of auditing.

I hope they can force this “church” to give up these folders and all documentation on Danny Masterson.

Read the blogs I follow on this here

Mike Rinder’s Something Can Be Done About it

Tony Ortega’s Underground Bunker

Jeffery Augustine’s The Scientology Money Project

I’m doing better now.

How are you doing?

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