“Selective” thanks

Recently I was reminded about giving thanks.

Or, actually, not giving thanks.

I have a big button on people not being appreciative of other people’s actions…or worse thanking everyone in a group or experience but leaving one or two people out. I think this has to be intentional.

I also have a button on being forgotten.

It’s been something I’ve stewed over since elementary school.

You know, when everyone gets invited to an event EXCEPT YOU.

Or you are at a party and there is one person being ignored in the conversations (or worse, talked over when they attempt to join in).

Or how about not being remembered on your birthday or holiday events but everyone else clearly does get remembered?

I started Happylopes a few years ago to help people feel important and remembered. I took time to decorate envelopes to perk a person up because it feels amazing to be remembered, even if it is only for a minute in time. At least they aren’t being forgotten.

When people do things for you, please take time to properly thank them.

Consider the amount of effort and time the person put into that “thing” you are thanking them for. Is it worthy of more than a text or just a verbal thanks?

Not that my post is going to change anything with anyone, just wanted to write it down instead of have it rolling around in my head.

I didn’t sleep so great.


  1. Continue to write your thoughts, they serve as wonderful reminders to all of us. Lately I’ve been so consumed by the grief and sadness that my focus turned inward instead of what is life giving and that is outward. Over the last 7 days i had such a huge wake up call. I’ve changed my story, changed my physiology and designed a strategy to move past where i have been living. I’ve remembered that by giving more than i can ever expect to receive is the way to have a full and happy life even when we suffer challenges, heartaches and pain. Love you Sarita for being a messenger of truth! xoxoxoxo


    1. Thanks Maggie! I’d love to hear what/how that happened for you. Thank you for sharing with me. I really didn’t think anyone was listening (which makes it easy to just blab into a void…ha ha!!) xoxo Sarita


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