Fish Lips – one of my favorites. Also cut about 5-6″ of my hair off. Photo by Randy Shoemaker

I’m on a new quest. Using Noom to track my behaviors as well as eating habits (and exercise too).

So far I’ve dropped 3 lbs in 1 week and all I did was start paying attention to what I’m eating and remove the dumb choices PLUS rather than sit and watch TV at the end of the day I’m inserting movement and activity.

I am currently studying to get my insurance license and this has required dedicated HOURS to reading and understanding the training at my desk…seated. I swear I feel my ass widening as my mind follows.

No shocker that reducing my caloric intake and staying more on top of my activity has resulted in weight loss. Duh.

Noom is what has made me stick with it. I enjoy my morning routine and training with the app (which is sort of corny and whimsical…not really what I’m looking for at 4:15am).

I don’t really dig the method of logging my food because it’s cumbersome. You cannot view your past day’s intake/logging either (which I think would be a good thing for ideas).

See how I need to pick it up! My new job is seated and study is seated. AAAAAAAA!!!!

Logging my steps is connected up to my phone so I’m paying attention to that and it’s just mapping right into the noom app. If I do a workout, I have to log it.

So, basically, this is pretty much like being bossed around at 805 Boot Camp when it was rocking and rolling – except I’m the client and not the boss.

Anyway, I’m posting this and my meal and exercise plan to keep myself on track.

The noom app is $159 for 18 months. That’s the offer I’ve got. I cannot carve that out of my current budget so I’m hoping to KEEP my habits.

I’ve done meal plans for a while and really like thinking out the week, my husband’s work schedule as well as our pets (I cook their food daily…spoiled fur babies…sorry not sorry!).

It’s helped me also shave down our budget on groceries too. We spend between $8 and $10 a day per person when I plan and stick to my menu. This does not include alcohol and we’re enjoying that pretty much as we want. That’s a separate budget item.

Bonus: we eat healthier as well.

Pic of my plan this week.

Our budget includes 3 or 4 nights of dining out aka “date night”. Now that I have a job my days off are different than my husband’s so we’ll have to get into a groove on this. Should it be a day we BOTH work or when one of us doesn’t work?

Here’s my meal plan if you want to take a look.

Also, I would LOVE to know if you are doing any sort of weight loss plan. What are you doing to accomplish your goal?

It’s half way through 2020, may as well remove the Covid 15 I’ve somehow added to my body!

My knees will be so happy!! They’ve been hurting 😦

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  1. Good morning Sarita, wow!!! What a great new path for you!! I’m sending tons of energy your way to keep up on all that you are doing. Studying, cooking, working and caring for aging dogs is no walk in the park.
    I hate to admit that over the last two years I have been on a pretty destructive path emotionally which lead to physical destruction. I’ve had a huge wake up call and after a 7 day snack across the face I’m so focused and the energy levels are higher then ever. I’ve been introduced to Anthony Williams the Medical Medium. Right now I’m reading Cleanse to Heal and OMG just making some small changes such as taking in nothing for 20 minutes after my Lemon water in the morning and having no fats in my diet until lunch has made a huge difference. Next week my juicer comes and I will add celery juice to my morning routine. I had no idea about giving love to my liver. It’s been remarkable and it has helped me mentally and emotionally. I’m back on the way up again. Thank you for sharing your heart with all of us. It always helps me to get motivated to change. Love you


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