issue 2A – city of Colorado springs

Colorado Springs Ballot 2A – my opinion: vote NO

I took this photo in Cripple Creek Colorado. A place that was once vibrant and filled with happiness and wealth.
But shit dried up and now look at it. So many buildings are left abandon (like this) in town. Those that took basic MATH and reduced their spending when the income began to shrink likely survived. That’s how math works and why we need to use it to hold our government accountable. We’re not idiots! NO ON 2A.

We had to shut down our economy and people have done it willingly and unwillingly (for many reasons). This resulted in the revenue (aka taxes and funding of the government) to drop drastically.

That’s what happens when you stop working. The money dries up.
Ballot 2A is incredible to me.

The City of Colorado Springs is asking that we allow them to use money that doesn’t exist (big shocker) and allow them to maintain the same budget they did when we had people actually earning money and paying taxes.

If we cannot apply this type of money-management to our own lives, why on earth should we let our government apply it? Where is the money going to come from? Like, seriously.

I am voting NO on 2A because…well… if we don’t have the money then we cannot spend it! And when you don’t have money you need to look at your current spending behavior and slash, cut, reduce…EVERYTHING cannot remain a top priority no matter how passionate you are about it.

So let’s make the City of Colorado Springs look at where they have to CUT/SLASH/REDUCE their spending and try to force them to live within their “means” (which is our tax dollar anyway…).
If we could only think of a way to increase revenue and then the taxes that come from that.

Gosh, how would you do it at your own home?


It’s time to force the government to stop spending like they have a limitless source of revenue.


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