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Happylope entitled: Their Eyes Meet…

In the 1970’s I was shown how to write a Thank You Note and then address it and lick the stamp (yep, that’s what we did) and post it… then off to the Post Office I went to put it into the magical post box that seemed to be on every corner.

If only I had a copy of that note! I’m sure it was to my dad because my mom always insisted we take a few moments to thank him or anyone else we got a gift from.

This is where I began my doodling ideas and dressing up my envelopes specially for the person receiving them. I doodled the front and back cover of every phone book we got, on the inside of my Trapper Keeper, on slices of paper while talking on the phone to my girlfriends for hours…my doodles normally included checker patterns and flowing lines with hashtags throughout.

Today I feel lucky to be able to use modern technology to create and print onto stationary media like envelopes, greeting cards, wrapping paper and writing paper.

I surveyed those I have been writing to (using my Happylopes) and have had 100% SATISFACTION on accomplishing a HAPPY FEELING when they got the piece. 100%!!!

My husband pushed me years ago to start creating and selling these pieces of art. So that’s what I’m doing now and I appreciate you visiting my page to find out what the heck a Happylope is and what the story is behind it.

They’re made in Colorado and printed at TriLakes Printing in Monument. I use Adobe to work on any graphic needs.

Price List (does not include tax or shipping)

Have you ever purchased a card at a stationary store like Papyrus or even Target? The good ones are not cheap! $3.50 AT LEAST per card and envelope. I am trying to keep my prices at a rate where you will find value and NOT WASTE THEM by not using them!

You can buy ONE, a 5-Pack or 10-Pack!

1 Happylope $2.00

1 5-Pack $8.00

1 10-Pack $17.00

Creative just for YOU! I will create a design just for you and send it to you to have printed or get it printed for you. Call for pricing.

Design creative starts at $40.

Ideas to Inspire You

Birth Announcement, Birthday, Holiday, Inspiration, Fun or “Just Because”, Moving, Condolences for a human or pet, Family Update

How do you get them?

For Happylopes: Send me a text 719-400-8622 with your needs/choice and address. I will figure out the shipping as cheap as possible using the US Postal Service (unless you want a faster delivery). I will send you a ZELLE with the amount and you pay! It’s so easy!!

For Personalized Designs: Send me a text of when we can talk to each other to work out your ideas and creative. I will send you a ZELLE with the amount to start. Once it is paid we will finish up details and I’ll get to work!