We began dreaming of wandering the planet years ago. 

In October 2016, on a camping trip to San Simeon State Park we were reflecting on our life as it was and how we could get it to where we wanted it to be.

There were some big “things” to contemplate.

  • Where we live.  Our giant 5 bedroom house was empty, filled with STUFF and managing it was expensive! We did a lot to take it from an abandoned hollow structure to a energy efficient loving HOME we enjoyed spending time in.
  • Our kids.  Are they ready and able to move onto their next chapter in life?  
  • Our job.  We have been managing our own business for over a decade.  When we began there were MAYBE 6 options for the men and women in our community to exercise.  There were two of them delivering an outdoor program (one Personal Trainer and us).  As of 2016 there were 35! We knew we weren’t going to be running an outdoor boot camp for the rest of our lives.
  • Our history.  Both of us have been hard working individuals since our teen years with virtually no break.  
  • Our resources.  We have tucked away money “just in case” but would it be enough to live on and support our family and pets? 
  • Each other.  We spend 24/7 together but we are two different people with very different desires.  Can we accomplish a new goal together?  

We talked for hours about these points playing out different scenarios.

Overall we knew we REALLY wanted to hit the road and explore all of the places we’d seen in magazines, movies, travel books… our dreams!

 It seemed like there was no perfect time to just leap into a new and potentially disastrous life of travel across the planet.

So, because we love goals and accomplishing them, we picked a DATE.


We headed into Cambria to celebrate our decision the next day.  

Things seemed “different” with a date set.  The FEELING of having a direction was apparent.  We didn’t and couldn’t say anything to anyone, kids included.  

Work started Monday and we jumped back in with plans to explode our camp with new business.  We needed to create more income to survive the winter months which were always slim.  We poured thousands into our marketing online and print.  We began reaching out to our past campers and improving our website.  It was exciting and fun (I LOVE marketing so much!!)

In early 2015 we were managing a very stressful situation.  A friend recommended we listen to a man named Edgar Cayce.   

It was the first time I’d even considered “self hypnosis” to handle a problem.  We got the download link and listened to it EVERY SINGLE NIGHT while drifting off to sleep for months.   It was about being positive, being a successful person, creating prosperity and wealth.  The self-hypnosis lecture is 26 minutes long and I have yet to actually hear the whole thing “awake”.  It would finish and I’d have fallen asleep with it playing in my ears.    I absolutely think this helped me through a lot of turmoil and decision making as well as helping push the caustic people out of my life completely.  Those spaces were filled with positive and healthy individuals twice over.    Today, July 2017, I am happy to say that I have no people connected to me carrying hate, negativity or evil.  Well, at least that I know of.  If it exists, I guess they have chosen to put a cap on it around me because I just won’t have it!

So, if you are reading this and dealing with struggles in life and might be open to another alternative to get through it, check him out.  Link to Wikipedia of Edgar Cayce.  And here is the audio book “Edgar Cayce Self Hypnosis” we purchased (listened to Track D).

The self-hypnosis must have helped me believe in myself and Randy too. 

More later…I’m down to 1G and its just painfully slow!