Patreon Support

I have joined the world of writing and rallying support through a company called Patreon. It’s amazing to me!

The concept has been around forever.

Artists were supported by people that wanted to keep them moving on their art. They call them Patrons and if it weren’t for them we would not have some of the most incredible pieces of art in our lives from music to painting.

Mozart, DaVinci, Shakespeare! They had Patrons!

Now I’m not thinking I am on that level but I AM on a mission to expose the truth about what happens to CHILDREN in the world of Scientology.

If you feel like you could spare $1.00 – $100 every month to help me expose, produce, shout, yell, scream, whisper…my story and save other people from the child abuse side of this (physically, sexually, mentally…it is ALL disgusting and they are denying all of it!!!)

Here’s my personal Patreon site:

Become a Patron!

Here’s a video to explain the Patreon site to you and how it works.

Gifts for my Patrons

Patrons choose a tier and each tier has benefits that go along with it. All of my Patrons get early access to my postings, stories and podcasts. There are lots of other treats (like what you see below) depending on which tier you join. Please take a look!

You can purchase these items (WHILE SUPPLIES LAST) directly.