Daily Affirmation

My past experiences have fortified my success.

My destination fills me with wonder and excitement like electricity flowing through filling me with good vibes.

I move forward on my path as a strong and informed person. I have no challenges because I say so.

My past was exactly what I needed to nail what I have today: extreme wealth, vibrant health and a blanket of happiness in my heart and soul.

I am so successful because of it.

Daily Affirmation

What is amazing about sharing your affirmation is the idea that we are all vibrating at different levels but we are connected.

I this concept and when I close my eyes I can see and feel this in the world. When my eyes are open and I am taking it all in I can FEEL that vibration deep inside my heart and soul.

Today is a contribution from MK (thank you for sharing). We will all benefit from this!


I embrace the concept of being comfortable with the uncomfortable. This opens up so many opportunity for learning and growth emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

Daily Affirmation

For the record, i write these daily and share some. Would you please share your affirmation(s) or allow me to share them?

Today’s Affirmation

i am honored to have such rich relationships in my life that are filled with sincerity, love, laughter, levity, positivity, support and compassion.


Daily Affirmation

I have so much positive energy flowing through my space. All around me I see success.

People in my life share their good to great vibes, and together we lift each other up .

We focus on our goals and dreams in complete harmony, without even speaking a word – across the room to across the world.


I love my body because it is in excellent condition. I’m lean and healthy and my clothing fits perfectly.

I appreciate all of the moving parts and flexibility every day and get excited when I move and feel the energy moving with me.

My weight is exactly where is needs to be to feel comfortable and happy in my skin.