BOOK: Power vs Force The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior – the Author’s Official Authoritative Edition

Two years ago I read a book called 30 Day Sobriety Solution. For the record, I still enjoy wine regularly!

That book taught me about manifesting.

Here in Colorado there seems to be a LOT of Life Coaches compared to California, Nevada and Utah. I wonder why.

Anywho- I decided to try this manifest thing.

Today I’m reading a more scientific approach to mental health and wellness. I’m only at The Foreword and it makes more sense.

Affirmations are rungs on a ladder for me. Or bricks on a path. Or walking sticks for support. I believe we all need to understand this part of our mental health.

Our world needs to try this. Our world is just hurting.


Title: Paper Girl by Sarita

I have the right people in my life. In my inner circle.

I move at the right speed toward my goals and I collect good energy along this path. i am constantly giving good energy to these people while I receive it.

This means there are people in my life that show me signs to stay away from them. They are toxic to my well-being. They are lessons!

The people in my life want to be productive. They want to contribute. They love the idea of “work” they GIVE constantly.

It inspires me to give as well.

The synchronicity is so peaceful.

I only let certain people at my table and they are the best people.

Affirmation and Assignment

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I see so many opportunities around me. 

They all lead to my wealth, success in my career, fortifying my family and improving the quality my health as I age. 

I choose the perfect path every time!

When I put my head down for the night to have a solid deep sleep I drift off visualizing all of the people I have around me. 

There is so much love and support from these amazing humans. I send them high and positive vibrations with intention and a purpose to lift them up in their world. I hope they feel it. It is sincere and filled with appreciation and love.   

Like a little tap on a window. There I am smiling and waving. I am in love with my life and all of the people that are part of it. 

My People List.  Page 1 of 3!  It is so fun doing this today but also fun looking back at my last People List.
My People List. Page 1 of 3! It is so fun doing this today but also fun looking back at my last People List.

Assignment Time

Q1 Review time to check the systems and kick the tires!

In a journal or place you can refer back to down the road make a list of all of the people in your life. 

Simple list. 

Just start writing a list as the names pop into your mind. When you can’t think of any other people open your text messages, phone history, social media or imagine your daily routine.

It includes EVERYBODY in your world. Even the coffee barista and gas station attendant. Include your Pastor. The guy at the turnpike if you have one (are there turnpikes anymore??). Just list and list and list. You can add to it later. 

Be sure to put the date you begin this list at the top of the page. 

Next, begin to note their energy to you. Be honest with this. It is only for you to see. 

I use an arrow pointing up or down. 

Some people get lots of arrows!  In both directions. 

This will help you navigate your life. 

I have done this for 2 years now and will not stop. It gives you so much information. Just for you to consider.

I don’t think I need to say it but you’ll want to hang out with those that lift you up and make you feel better. Watch what happens!

And for you: be an up arrow for others!

Give high vibes baby!!



I slipped. I began down the wrong road. It was angry and uncomfortable. I felt angst and frustration blaming it on what others’ behavior was. I stewed in this for three days actually thinking I cannot get out of this mental rut. I felt helpless to change what these people were doing. It wasn’t fair. It wasn’t right. I wanted to stop it and force them to quit their behavior. It was seeping into my life. It was wearing me down. Pulling me far off course.

Until I realized THIS IS A LESSON. It has to be.

It is a lesson I needed to examine and dissect. Seeing this unethical behavior opened my eyes. I was in disbelief that a human being would do this to other human beings.

You could insert any shitty behavior into this scenario.

That is NOT who is in my life.

My life is so high-vibe. It is so positive that the negative is eclipsed.

I’m riding high with the best people on the entire planet. It is exciting and so fun!

My life is a dream come true.

It is constantly filled with opportunities that lead me to incredible wealth, the best health and peaceful happiness.

Everything and everyone I need to succeed is on my path. Their lives touch mine and there is a spark of positivity that is indescribable.

My life is absolutely the best life ever and I feel so thankful for the lessons I need to contemplate and chew on. I need these lessons and I am a better person because of them.


Thank you to my husband for stopping and seeing my struggle then picking me up and dusting me off and helping me see this. Thank you times a bazillion.

Advice for a friend

Painting by me. For my amazing sister.

I thought about this text and still am.

There is a way to know with certainty that you are making the right direction.

Just close your eyes and visualize your ideal life. All of it. The sense of smell. Sounds. Activities. The people in it. Your mindset.

That is where you are right now. You just keep that on repeat and add on to it when you see something that excites you. What are the people doing in that exciting vision?

We live in a high vibration world i firmly believe. I also know that every single thing that happens is because i said so.

If it feels sad, there is a lesson. If it feels happy, it’s a lesson. Lessons every day! It is a peaceful place to be.

So on that note i hope you get back to your vibrant self. Focus on that vision and know you are absolutely building it correctly with all the perfect people around you.

Breathe out the positivity and high energy and include any sadness then breathe in the greatest happiest vibrations that exist on this earth.

It works. Just practice that vision.



Do you feel that!? It is the vibration of success!

Success of the people in my life as well as my own success. It is tangible.

We breed positivity.

We cultivate excitement.

We harvest success.

There is no static. It is flowing energy moving in the right direction. We are United in this energy and it becomes wealth.

We have full bank accounts. We have freedom to enjoy our lives. We attract that energy because we give that energy.

I am excited for my success and the success of those around me.

Three new Medicare clients added to my book of business every week.

Three new Medicare clients added to my book of business every week.

Three new Medicare clients added to my book of business every week.

Two new ERC* clients enrolled every week.

Two new ERC clients enrolled every week.

Two new ERC clients enrolled every week.

One new developer added to my husband’s team every week.

One new developer added to my husband’s team every week.

One new developer added to my husband’s team every week.

*Employee Retention Credit. More details