Life Changing Journal

Here ya go.

I wrote this journal for our boot camp program and it helped people improve their health and nutrition.

Keeping track of when and what you put into your body is tough to do on your own.

This page is compliments of Randy and I for you to use if you want.

Legal notice: no part of this may be copied or reproduced without our express permission. This is in no way a guarantee to a healthier life or better quality of life. It is for personal use only.

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Ice Queen Facial

I treated myself today to a workout that included trail running, TRX and a bun blaster I call Dee-Dees.

After I got home my face felt extra grimy, dry and greasy too! YUCK! Luckily I left my Ice Queen tube out on the counter and I gave myself even more of a treat: a Perfect Posh Facial with this product called Ice Queen.

My face is so soft and clean feeling now.

Hillbilly Discovery

I think these little seed growths (aka sprouts) are so cute! I love our planet.
Reused my apple bag as a seed incubator – easy stuff!

I’m proud to admit that I earned a few Certifications (following in my family’s footsteps) in using things or reusing things to solve problems. Wire hangers, duct tape, TP rolls…you know, standard stuff.


I went out on a limb using my apple bag as a way to start seeds growing for outdoor planting when the weather stops being psycho here.

#MonumentColorado #Colorado #SpringIncludesBombCyclones


About two weeks ago I put dirt and seeds in this bag. It has small holes in the bottom. I shook it a little to make sure the seeds and dirt were combined. Added a little water (until it seeped through). Left it in a dark place with zero sunlight. A few days ago found seedlings peeking out so brought it into my brightly lit room with plenty of sunshine and set it on the floor beneath a window (not DIRECT sun).


We had more psycho weather but it included sunshine.


Look at my spectacular seeds!


Now I’ll be able to remove them from this incubator system (protected from my cat eating them) and plant them in their own growing pot. I forgot to label them (I actually did not think this would work) but I THINK I planted kale or lettuce).


Schools can use this idea to teach the kids about recycling AND planting seeds to watch them grow…then take the bag home to plant in a garden.


Please try it or share this idea – it’s too simple and WORKS! 


PS: Are sprouts cute?  I mean really, look at them! 

Crazy Spinach Salad

Crazy Spinach Salad by Sarita Shoemaker.  Vegan Nutrient Dense Easy Recipe Quinoa Spinach Raw
Oh YES the house smells like a fresh veggie farm!! The edamame…I keep “tasting” them. YUM!

Crazy Spinach Salad
Heart Healthy, Nutrient Dense, Vegan, Easy, Salad

# Servings: 4 (maybe 6 if it accompanies another dish)

I bolted off to follow a Cookie and Kate recipe but did not have all of her ingredients so I made my own up below using her amazing idea.

Turned on my Steve Miller Band (highly recommend The Stake, Living In The USA because they’ll make the salad better).


1 yellow beet, peeled and julienned
4 carrots, shredded in food processor
6 cups of spinach (rinsed and stems removed then sliced into strips)
1 avocado, diced
2C cooked and cooled edamame
1 1/2c cooked quinoa
1T hemp seeds
1T roasted sesame seeds


3T Braggs Apple Cider vinegar
3T lime juice
1T EVOO (I will not use this next time, it’s not necessary – I’ll use a T of water)
3/4c chopped cilantro
1T maple syrup
3/4t coarse black pepper


1. Set all of your ingredients out on the counter BEFORE you any further – seriously!
2. In a small food processor place all of the dressing ingredients and chop/cut until it is a liquid. Set aside in container then place in fridge to chill.
3. In a giant bowl (as big as you’ve got) place all of the vegetables and toss to blend.
4. Continue to toss and add the seeds

1. and quinoa.
2. Place in serving bowl.
3. Put in fridge to chill.

We don’t like a lot of dressing on our salads so we will spoon it out.

23 Feb 2019
By Sarita Shoemaker

Simple Potato Vegetable Vegan Soup

Ingredients piling up in my bowl. NOT ONION OR GARLIC though.


Instant Pot, High for 20 Minutes


5c of water
1 medium onion, chopped
3 garlic cloves, minced
2 corn on the cob kernels
½ Poblano pepper

3c diced potato (I got purple fingerling spuds at my grocery – they look like sausages I think)

1/2c chopped parsley
1/2c chopped cilantro
3/4c frozen green peas
1c shredded mushroom
1/2c shredded green zucchini
1/2c shredded yellow summer squash
1c kale, sliced into small strips
1/2c shredded carrots
1c uncooked brown rice WELL RINSED!

1 vegan bullion cube (I used Chick’n flavor)
1T drizzle EVOO
2t cumin
1t oregano
1/2t rosemary
1/2t thyme
1t black pepper (coarse)
1/2t pink himalayan sea salt
1/8t cayenne pepper


Chop Onion and Garlic place in separate bowl (glass or metal, it will change the flavor of plastic)

CHOP EVERYTHING ELSE UP and place in separate bowl.

Blend your spices together using a fork, set aside.

Turn Instant Pot on SAUTE.

Add onions for 1 minute then garlic for 1 minute stirring constantly to soften them.

Add half the veggies, stir well.

Add 4 cups of water.

Add spices, stir well again.

Add remainder of veggies.

Stir (duh, right?). Try to get everything immersed in the water.

Add rice.

Add last cup of water and press rice into the mixture well.

Place IP lid on, turn to steam release off.


Set for HIGH.

Set for 20 Minutes.

Just enough time to get your kitchen put back together!

When done cooking I normally let my IP sit for a little longer and allow the steam to release on its own. If you choose to hurry the process when it is done cooking and timer has gone off just be safe with your release valve. Wear oven mitt and to avoid spraying steam everywhere drape a lightweight (like a bread covering towel) kitchen towel over the top (only one layer).

Please let me know how you like this recipe!



PS: Your house will smell SO GOOD from start to finish. Nothing as good as chopped fresh produce then all of these spices.



This combo tastes amazing as chili.

PDF of Recipe

I am posting if for ONE AWESOME CUSTOMER that came through my line last night. I can’t remember your name but I hope you find this post and can create an amazing chili in your Instant Pot!

4T chili powder
2T cumin powder
1t onion powder
1t red pepper flakes
1t paprika
1t oregano
2t salt
3t black pepper

Blend it all with a fork in a bowl. Store it in a regular jar with a good lid.

This will make a LOT of chili spice!


1 drizzle (to cover ¼ the base of the IP) EVOO
1 onion, chopped
3 garlic cloves, chopped
2 c shredded and chopped kale
2 carrots, shredded in the food processor (makes 1 cup of shredded carrots)
1 russet potato, cubed to dice size

1 can (14 oz) stewed tomato
2T of above spice combo
2 cans (14oz) drained kidney beans
1 can (14oz) drained pinto beans
1 jar (24oz) of Rao’s Marinara sauce


Drain beans
Add onions, sauté a minute or two
Add garlic, stir and sauté another minute
Add carrot and blend/stir with a spoon
Add kale, blend with a spoon

All of that should be tossed and combined
Add chopped potato
Add entire can stewed tomato (juice and all)
Stir in the 2T of chili spice blend

Add beans

Add Rao’s marinara sauce
Fill the glass jar you just emptied with water, put the lid on it and shake it to get all remaining sauce then add to IP

Place lid on IP
Put pressure valve to CLOSED position
Manual settings: HIGH
Time: 25 minutes

Allow pressure to release on its own. If you are in a hurry, you can release it (pull the valve toward you and stand clear). Make sure your IP valve release area has space. I often place a dish towel over it to try to reduce the spray. Open when the valve indicator has dropped (to the right of the valve itself).

I made home-made corn bread from scratch with my chili and it was deeeelish!

Healthy Wrap (Vegan)

My instructional  video of making a vegetable wrap that you will LOVE the tastes and nutritional benefits of.
Ta-Da! Me and my ingredients.

Vegan Wrap Entertainment

Well…I finally did it.

I finally put together a video of me making a vegan wrap. Who knows what’s next!

This is all because of two very influential people in my life. Randy and Bogie.

Bogie is keeps himself on the “cutting edge” of marketing and built his business Art Of Saving from scratch. He is seriously brilliant and always interested/investigating things to see how they work (or don’t work!).

I’ve known him as long as I have known Randy, minus a few weeks I think.

Seems I’ve gotten off task!

Here’s my video and my recipe on how to make a delicious and healthy vegan wrap.



Tin foil (optional: for the wrap-to-go)
Mission veggie wrap
Randy’s hummus
Frank’s Original Hot Sauce
Black Olives
Romaine Lettuce
Kale, chopped up
Carrots, shredded
Small tomatos, chopped in half or thirds.
¼ avocado

The ingredients are built to enjoy a bit of each of them in every bite.

I warm my wrap a tiny bit to make it more pliable.

Directions (as they unfold in my video)

Place a warmed wrap on foil.
Spread hummus across it.
Place your romaine lettuce with the top of the leaf toward the top of your wrap.
Kale is then placed on top of the lettuce wrap, then carrot shreddings.
Splash Frank’s Hot Sauce all over it!
Add the tomatoes down one side of the wrap.
Place black olives next to the tomatoes.
Add your avocado from the top to the bottom.

Time to fold it up.
Bottom up first then side to side. Use the foil to help keep it in place.

That’s it!