Affirmation and Assignment

I see so many opportunities around me.  They all lead to my wealth, success in my career, fortifying my family and improving the quality my health as I age.  I choose the perfect path every time! When I put my head down for the night to have a solid deep sleep I drift off visualizingContinue reading “Affirmation and Assignment”


3/22/23 I slipped. I began down the wrong road. It was angry and uncomfortable. I felt angst and frustration blaming it on what others’ behavior was. I stewed in this for three days actually thinking I cannot get out of this mental rut. I felt helpless to change what these people were doing. It wasn’tContinue reading “Affirmation”

Advice for a friend

I thought about this text and still am. There is a way to know with certainty that you are making the right direction. Just close your eyes and visualize your ideal life. All of it. The sense of smell. Sounds. Activities. The people in it. Your mindset. That is where you are right now. YouContinue reading “Advice for a friend”


Do you feel that!? It is the vibration of success! Success of the people in my life as well as my own success. It is tangible. We breed positivity. We cultivate excitement. We harvest success. There is no static. It is flowing energy moving in the right direction. We are United in this energy andContinue reading “Affirmation”