Daily Affirmation

For the record, i write these daily and share some. Would you please share your affirmation(s) or allow me to share them? Today’s Affirmation i am honored to have such rich relationships in my life that are filled with sincerity, love, laughter, levity, positivity, support and compassion. ❤️

10-4 Loud And Clear. 10-10.

I love walkie-talkie stuff.  My sister and I had Chiquita Banana Walkie Talkies and inbetween building forts of our mom’s sheets in the livingroom we would run around the neighborhood testing their range (which was about 10 feet). 1985 was when I was stuffed in a Greyhound bus and taken from the secret Scientology InternationalContinue reading “10-4 Loud And Clear. 10-10.”