The Sea Org Living Space, Hollywood California

This is a photo of my mother when she lived in the Hollywood at the scientology dorms there. There is a giant “Scientology” sign down the front of the building. I think it was called the HGB? Hollywood Guarantee Building.

The next photo is where my brother slept in this dorm.

He was at the Cadet Org/Apollo Training Academy all day and night while she worked.

This post is a test to see if I can get it under my PRIVATE PATREON PAGE.

In a sleeping bag under the bunks. Nice. Jerks!!

Next is a picture of my brother so you can see how old he was when he was taken to the ATA/Cadet Org every day. Seriously.

They are sitting in Sea Org dining near Lebanon Hall. That is Thom or Tom Krapp in the photo. Is he still around? In?

Ice Queen Facial

I treated myself today to a workout that included trail running, TRX and a bun blaster I call Dee-Dees.

After I got home my face felt extra grimy, dry and greasy too! YUCK! Luckily I left my Ice Queen tube out on the counter and I gave myself even more of a treat: a Perfect Posh Facial with this product called Ice Queen.

My face is so soft and clean feeling now.

Henry Ford’s Innovation Show

Morgan visited Claire at her bouncy house.

Today I was minding my own business here at home with two dogs and a cat feverishly cleaning themselves and up pops a text from my friend Missy…

“We just saw your daughter on tv.”

Wait, what?

Oh ya, we got rid of TV/Cable just last week. Mostly because we rarely watch it and our TV set is a smart one, so we can potentially get the weather and news details we need through some app.

I rushed to the internet as I texted back, “which one and what channel?”

Almost instant reply: “Channel 2”

The Channel 2 News website loaded quickly… “INFAMOUS MURDER HOUSE GOES UP FOR SALE” was the headline.

Hmmm…which daughter would that include. Please let it be something else! I scanned fast… Morgan had been in LA so maybe she was part of some filming and Claire lives and works in Santa Barbara so maybe she was in on some fun thing at the house?

Luckily the next text arrived, “Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation”


Yeah baby!!!

Little Claire was part of a super cool segment about what she’s been working on for over 2 years at a company called NEXT Energy.


One day, I hope, she will write the story of her childhood into adulthood. It is a page-turner filled with serious highs and lows.

So to see her where she is today is not a surprise for me, as her mom.

She was ALWAYS determined to get what she wanted. It was a delicate place to be because, well, I was pretty much the same way. She didn’t know how her behavior would be an almost perfect replication of mine. Even my mom would give me the “look” that indicated I deserved exactly what she was dishing out at the moment.

I don’t know how my mom survived raising me!

Claire is working on making the world a better place for everyone. Window panes that you can clearly see through, that generate energy! Every building in every town could generate power this way. Every home could generate energy beyond solar panels on the roof. It’s clean energy and our kid is part of it.

We are very proud of all of our kids and the path they have chosen to “ADULT”.

Both sides of the family have the funny-bone and it didn’t stop with Claire.
The Adults we get to call our children forever.

Claire’s Grandma Mary May and Miss Silvestro (Claire’s favorite teacher, 1st Grade) would be proud too. Does anyone know Miss Silvestro or where we can find her to stay in touch!? She was a 1st Grade Teacher at Mountain Avenue in La Crescenta California.

My dog’s happiness came FIRST

Can you see Zoey? Apparently she can’t see me either…or hear me.

Today I was headed out on errands (which we have to thoroughly plan in advance because of the distance to civilization). Last minute I decided to bring Kona and Zoey with me. I’ve been taking them with me for the past 4 days just for the fun/stimulation of riding with the windows open (the weather has been 50-60 and sunny!).

We got my errands finished and I stopped at an open field to let them stretch out a little… then I remembered there was this dog park a customer told me about near a mountain I’d hiked with Randy. I figured (wrongly) it was just up the road.

I had a lot I needed to get done and WAS going to leave the dogs at home and sit at a coffee house with good signal and no distractions and get it all done…but I had them with me and they were being SO GOOD! I got my GPS up to find this amazing dog park (according to that customer)… “it’s amazing! it’s got an agility dog park that is about an acre and then there are 7 acres where the dogs run freeeeee!”

Kona was going to write me a Thank You Note after this one, I bet.

He waited for me FOR A SPLIT SECOND! Off he went to check out all 7 acres.

I get off the freeway (which I hate being on because EVERYONE starts at 75mph as a minimum…LIMIT?? WHAT??).

The gps took me UNDER a set of rail road tracks, over two sets of track (I do not like to do trains at all). I was in a panic that a train would come through and actually started sweating.

Then the GPS took me to a dirt road – remote – by myself I’m driving in my POS 1999 Camry that squeaks, rattles and rolls forward (miracles)…oh and it stops when necessary since I discovered I was at 1% on my brakes and HAD to get them fixed!!

The dirt road had pot holes the size of filing cabinet drawers (open) everywhere.

I was zigging and zagging…then I saw what looked like a Trail Head entrance.

I rolled up and into this super muddy and snowy and icy parking lot where there was ONE car and a trail bike rider cleaning her bike/gear (or prepping to go). I pulled into the SOUP of mud and remembered Randy had just washed Zoey last night (crap). Hmmmm…I saw the agility park off in the distance and slowly navigated the pothole parking lot and mud to that parking lot. Two cars. Well two TRUCKS.

I saw the 7 acre area entrance and it looked LESS muddy. I parked close as I could without looking like I was “Hollywood”** (Shannon).

Opening the door I stepped out INTO the gravy level of mud in my regular running shoes. Clearly I wasn’t prepared for this. My shoes were sucked into the muck for a split second. I definitely hesitated sitting back on my seat and glanced in the rearview mirror at 2 sets of anxious and excited eyes with tongues dangling down in anticipation. CRAP. I have to do it.

I hauled myself up and out balancing with the door open.

My car locks automatically/randomly and I have locked myself out ONCE – now I’m paranoid and careful…and paranoid…and paranoid…and careful. If I dropped my ONLY key I wondered if it would work in the ignition (to myself, no one was around…Kona was focused on the 7acres).

SLOOOOWLY I opened the back door to release the hounds. Kona bolted out and I stopped Zoey planning to carry her tubby butt over the mud to the dog park “free range” area. Like a purse that is way too full and ALIVE she “let” me place her on my hip while I shut my doors – triple checking I HAD MY KEYS IN MY POCKET. I think I check every 4 minutes out of habit.

I carry her to the middle pen area that most dog parks have to stage their dogs removing the lead. It was just as bad but on an angle and I had to walk UP slippery mud to get to the 2nd door and release Kona. He was busy smelling every piss spot – like EVERY SINGLE PISS SPOT.

I was losing hold of Zoey and she was getting more wiggly. She’s is sort of like a big Cheeto that rotates at this point. I’m SCREAMING at Kona (pissed because he AGAIN is ignoring me). He felt the “Imma ’bout to take my shoe off and throw it at you” energy and nonchalant-like wandered toward the second gate.

Kona meets a new friend.

Zoey was slipping down to my thigh area and I hurried to secure the chain/gate.

More Uphill and it is a miracle I wasn’t sliding down every 2 steps up would be one step sliding back.

Zoey CONTINUED to wiggle. THERE WAS NO PLACE TO SET HER DOWN that wasn’t a pocky-muddy-mess. The “snow” was a trick – beneath it was goo quicksand-style mud that would suck your boot off.

I looked for “dry” areas and set her down as carefully as I could. She did ONE MORE ARCH-TWISTY-WIGGLE to get her balance and landed on HER FREAKING SIDE. MUD. MUD everywhere.

I just started laughing out loud – Kona looked at me then continued seeking/sniffing every piss spot on the entire perimeter of the 7 acres.

About 40 yards in Zoey has left a poop and LUCKILY I had poop bags because another patron was standing there akimbo with her two big dogs watching me to MAKE SURE I PICKED UP THE POOP. I laughed again.

This was a comedy, right?

Zoey did not dig getting dirty and muddy and she slowed her roll. Kona, not so much. He was in olfactory HEAVEN. Once he got bored smelling THE FENCE he leapt off toward a dog that was there and tails were wagging.

Zoey went EVEN SLOWER and now she was doing her “I’m blind and I’m deaf” move stopping for 30 seconds just looking around “lost”.

I had to double back to convince her we’d only go PART of the 7 acres, promise. I guess she understood me because she picked up the pace a bit.

I decided to hang a hard right and go across the entire field toward the other fence. It was basically a replication of the parking lot and my feet were soaked inside my shoes beyond caring anymore.

I just WALKED into it all knowing the dogs were going to destroy my car.

We made it across then back to the pen area.

I got two super happy dogs into my car which is definitely destroyed (the back seat anyway). Of course Zoey, whose head was NOT muddy…just up to her neck area and under carriage, decided to shake over and over.

Mud specks are everywhere.

So, all of this today because I put my dog’s fun ahead of my busy life too.

Wait, is there a problem?

It was WORTH IT because they had a blast and are now curled up snoring in front of the fire place. Awwwwwww…

Life if pretty OK today.

** Parking “Hollywood” was created at our business 805 Boot Camp when one particular boot camper showed up to a parallel parking (along the road) situation and we watched her (there were maybe 12 of us) scoot into a spot nicely. The “Hollywood” part was because the opening was good enough to fit 2 cars but she put herself SMACK in the middle. For the record, she got a good chuckle out of it when she got up to where we were standing and saw…she even got a Golden Award for it! This is Shannon and her Momma who also got a Golden Award for keeping a food journal for a RECORD BREAKING amount of time (I cannot remember how long – like 60 Tours or something!!!).

Momma Jo and Shannon aka “Hollywood” getting their Golden Awards at 805 Boot Camp

Meal Planning: Easy…NOT easy

Making a meal plan is NOT easy.

So much life just distracts you.  For me, sitting as quietly as possible in a room without anyone else and zero music playing…only dogs licking themselves off and on bothering me… it took me an HOUR.

I wanted to use what was IN my cupboards, fridge and freezer.

Here’s what I came up with.

Week 1 Plan 

I ran it by Randy to see if he wanted to make any changes. We had eggs so he decided to switch out breakfasts a few times.

I created my grocery shopping list and because I know what/where items are in the grocery store I organized it to be super efficient in that task.  This is a bonus as a Vegan Chef – I know where the odd things are.


Life began to happen and we almost fell off within 2 days. 

I began baking and creating the dishes that we would have.  The house smelled great.  This was only possible because I am not working right now. REALITY CHECK.

Randy began to look for my beat up planning paper to ask what we’d be having for dinner which inspired me to stick to the plan.

Our grocery shopping for WEEK 1 was about $68.  Again, I had resources in my kitchen but I was pretty stoked to only spend that much for a full week of meals ALL HOME COOKED, packed with flavor, low on salt and always enough for LEFTOVERS!

I also planned out my exercise and the pet’s meals (we are all dining on the ritz).  The $68 INCLUDED their 7 days, 2 meals a day. 


  1. You need TIME to plan and execute a meal plan.
  2. It is important to have a dessert (in our house).  You can make them with less junk in them – with lots of flavors. 
  3. It is cheaper to plan meals and cook.
  4. Once we got rolling it was easier.  It’s not EASY yet (and I’m going to be working again…which means a lot of cooking on days off).  I’ve got Week 2 planned out and I’m excited to make that chocolate cake (vegan of course).

Code Violation, Again

This really happened…today…like 5 minutes ago.

Randy and I get along pretty well.

I know this because of how much we have been through TOGETHER and that’s when you discover the strengths within each other.  If you know both of us (since we got married) you’ve seen that part of our life.

Before that we learned habits that we “bring to the table” on a regular basis.  This one Randy brought is a REGULAR: using the clean dish drying towels to clean up spills on the floor.

This REALLY happened.  Like 5 minutes before I sat down.  I just laugh now (and plan when I’ll be using the family finances to purchase a better towel to replace the one that has been used to clean up anything other than drying a dish…THAT I HAVE SEEN.)  Only one person on earth knows which towels have been used for anything other than drying a dish.

We have pared our stuff down to 1 1/2 10×6 U-Haul Trailers!  Can you imagine that? 


This is me these days. Namaste.
Pip’s Pet Care 

We have moved to a new place in Colorado and today it is 27 degrees outside as I walked our dogs and passed out my new Pet Care Service cards door to door.

Did you know I opened a Pet Care Service!?  My sister helped me!  A blog reader helped me! My amazing Husband Unit helped me! 

Now to get some new clients here in my new town that I am LOVING! 

🙂 Wish me luck before I freeze and wish Randy luck too (maybe he needs CLEANING RAGS from Santa this year).


I think it would be wise to include DO NOT EVER EVER USE MY DISH TOWELS FOR CLEANING UP SPILLS ANYWHERE EVER ON EARTH to wedding vows.
I think it would help a marriage. 🙂

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