Happy First Day Of Fall 2019

Kona’s morning walk was a jackpot of beauty!

I was reminded that TODAY is the big day: FALL IS HERE!

It is officially the FIRST DAY OF AUTUMN.  Starts September 23rd and goes until December 21st  this year (2019).

For the past two years we have lived in places where there are actual seasons and the planet differences are so obvious.  Utah and Colorado.

We still miss the beaches of SoCal (always will) but this change in our environment has been magical.  We have WEATHER and need to pay close attention to what the meteorologists report.

It is much chillier in the morning here in Colorado and the afternoons are in the 70’s. There is a breeze happening off and on. I wear a sweater in the morning and shorts in the afternoon.  We live at 7,123′ elevation and this means we get the cooler side of things (as well s the sun being extremely strong!)

With the changing seasons there are so many events and activities happening up and down the Front Range. 

Today’s morning walk started off with brilliant pink and orange skies. We live where there are a lot of trees and I’ve had to hike to an open viewing space to watch the sunrises which is good for me and Kona.

I got to that spot to have the gift of this sunrise!

Within minutes…
Wait…what!!?? My stomach lurched as we rounded the corner.

Just an update on Zoey: she is doing better. We went to visit Beth in Parker this weekend and she was her old self again: bouncy and happy to join us all on a walk. The baby carrier has helped as well as the change in her food. I am baking chicken, rice, sweet potatoes, lentil and quiona. Shredding carrots, beets and green beans. She’s basically living at the Bellagio, including belly massages.

Manitou Art Center REBIRTH Oil by Teri Connolley $250
I love seeing unique paintings, art creatives and masterpieces by local artists.

Randy and I went on a date to the Manitou Art Center (the MAC) where one of his co-worker’s wives was having her grand opening of her art. Her name is K8e Orr. You have to say it Katie. She OWNS that and even had her named changed to that.

The MAC is a place that all forms of creativity are taught and displayed. You pay a monthly membership and have access to all of it. They have a 3D printer, pottery, quilting, looms, carpentry, machine shop…it was overwhelming.

From their website, “Music, theatre, pottery, printmaking, and other loud, slightly dangerous and intensely messy events happen here daily. Locals and tourists alike flock to our galleries, studios, exhibition space, classrooms and delicious café. “

Someone made this! I didn’t see the card with the artists information or price.

I hope everyone has a great Monday and great week.

Inspiration Just Wandered Into Our Yard

Young bucks playing in my back yard.

We have been here in Monument Colorado since November.

The FIRST DAY we arrived was mid October. It was dusk and we had to unpack a few items to then race back to Provo Utah.

Right next to the house I spotted a GIANT buck. Is it a buck? I don’t know – I need to learn the right words. That’s the one I’m sticking with right now (correct me, I don’t mind).

He stood there, 30 yards away, watching Randy and I unload our belongings. Staring.

Over the few months we have seen pairs of 2 (at most, never more) bucks roaming through the back ravine area.

Today we got our socks blown off when 8, maybe 10 bucks visited to raid my bird feeders!
Randy and I stood paralyzed just watching these majestic creatures move slowly about. There were a few young’uns with them. The chain of command was pretty obvious too.

First Arthur (I named him that today) arrived and stood alone munching away. Off in the distance more bucks began emerging from the wooded area and ravine. SLOWLY.

I started taking photos from indoors and wanted to go out and see what I could do without a dumb window between us.

The FIRST click of my Canon 7D and they all bolted!! Dang it!!

Back inside I went…and they returned.

I got some moving pictures (video) footage which was neat. I also got some amazing photos of them being THEMSELVES!

Arthur backed off and let the others in on the grub. Look at his antlers – the base of them are so scratchy looking!

Frank, the one that you will see was talking to me, stayed the longest.

I named two others: Bill (he waited off on the edge for eternity) and of course you can’t miss Brad (he has a tilted antler… likely going to fall off…I wonder if that hurts).

Two sets of boys were knocking antlers. I noticed their little tails were wagging sort of like Kona’s when he’s having fun. So, I’m going to assume they were playing, not fighting.
These creatures are why I drive the speed limit around here. Our roads are rural and winding. We live around 7,000 ft and the weather here has been snowy and cold AND in the 60’s.

What a start to the day!

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