Daily Affirmation

I have so much positive energy flowing through my space. All around me I see success. People in my life share their good to great vibes, and together we lift each other up . We focus on our goals and dreams in complete harmony, without even speaking a word – across the room to acrossContinue reading “Daily Affirmation”


I love my body because it is in excellent condition. I’m lean and healthy and my clothing fits perfectly. I appreciate all of the moving parts and flexibility every day and get excited when I move and feel the energy moving with me. My weight is exactly where is needs to be to feel comfortableContinue reading “Affirmation”

Daily Affirmation

It snowed last night. Tracks all over our yard and the cat standing guard. Please share your daily affirmation with me. I would love to read it and visualize it. And if it is ok with you may I share it with the world? Today I am moving forward effortlessly toward my destination. My viewContinue reading “Daily Affirmation”

Podcast Episode 9

Hey there! We just moved (for the 2nd time) and are semi-settled in our new place. The pets are getting used to us NOT moving, we’ve gotten rid of all of the cardboard and bought a couch! Woo hooo!! Little things. Meanwhile I’m busting out work on my book AND got another episode of myContinue reading “Podcast Episode 9”

Happy First Day Of Fall 2019

I was reminded that TODAY is the big day: FALL IS HERE! It is officially the FIRST DAY OF AUTUMN.  Starts September 23rd and goes until December 21st  this year (2019). For the past two years we have lived in places where there are actual seasons and the planet differences are so obvious.  Utah andContinue reading “Happy First Day Of Fall 2019”