Podcast Episode 9

Hey there! We just moved (for the 2nd time) and are semi-settled in our new place. The pets are getting used to us NOT moving, we’ve gotten rid of all of the cardboard and bought a couch! Woo hooo!! Little things. Meanwhile I’m busting out work on my book AND got another episode of myContinue reading “Podcast Episode 9”

Happy First Day Of Fall 2019

I was reminded that TODAY is the big day: FALL IS HERE! It is officially the FIRST DAY OF AUTUMN.  Starts September 23rd and goes until December 21st  this year (2019). For the past two years we have lived in places where there are actual seasons and the planet differences are so obvious.  Utah andContinue reading “Happy First Day Of Fall 2019”

Dewey Decimal System & New Marketing Strategy

After my meeting (which was a one-on-one) with a local Literary Agent (I cannot remember her exact title) I got my first taste of the actual path or steps it will take to publish my story AND get it into the mainstream and maybe even winning awards. The latter is NOT my priority but IContinue reading “Dewey Decimal System & New Marketing Strategy”