Out Of Your Comfort Zone

The holidays are here.  We are pushed out of our normal routines and “comfort” zones and for some it causes great strain on their lives. 2017 is just around the corner!  You just need to survive this small section of time.  If you are gutting it out try this simple approach which has worked forContinue reading “Out Of Your Comfort Zone”

Prince Or Scientology

I almost got to see Prince in concert in 1985.

I had floor seats!! What!?!

I would have been, let’s see, 17 years old.

The True Story of Joyce Gianera

I love this woman Joyce.  She made life fun when she was around and at the time I was already having fun…somehow she made it FUNNER (yes, it’s my blog and I can write funner…). Today a brand new camper was embarking on her 2nd day.  She was BEAMING happy and it reminded me ofContinue reading “The True Story of Joyce Gianera”