Out Of Your Comfort Zone

My Aunt LOVES decorating with little knickknacks at Christmas.

The holidays are here.  We are pushed out of our normal routines and “comfort” zones and for some it causes great strain on their lives.

2017 is just around the corner!  You just need to survive this small section of time.  If you are gutting it out try this simple approach which has worked for us: 

Ask yourself…WILL “IT” (the thing you are contemplating) MATTER IN 5 OR 10 YEARS?

  • Take the HIGH ROAD.
  • Chin up and keep smiling.
  • Don’t burn bridges.
  • Stay true to your word.
  • Keep your opinions to yourself.
  • Do your best to set an good example as a human being.
  • Don’t give gifts you cannot afford and definitely don’t allow someone’s opinion of that choice bring you down.
  • EXERCISE!  Get your body MOVING.  Break a sweat. Push yourself out of your comfort zone.
  • Rescue an animal from a shelter or official rescue.

OK, that last one is MAYBE not so easy for everyone.   Personally I have discovered adding animals to my life has calmed me down.  They appreciate EVERYTHING good about you – even the little things that other humans look past.


First things first: show up.  Don’t blow off the one hour of time for YOU.  When you are hesitating or coming up with really really good excuses…come to camp (or go to your gym, class, workout…).

In our program we use the most positive encouragement we can find to get you to remember WHY you showed up.  It wasn’t to jaw jack or just earn a credit (we’re pretty sure).

Borg Scale of Exertion.

Without removing the fun socializing at camp, WORK HARDER and DO MORE! 

Go out for a coffee to really catch up at camp or your workout. 

You should be working at a level that would make conversation very difficult.  The Borg Scale will help you gauge yourself.  We want you at 9 or 10 for 85% of the class at least.

Together we will beat the stress of the holiday period and make progress toward a healthier and better quality of life. 

That’s just a fact no one can argue with.

See you out on the planet soon!

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