Thursday Mile: Rolling Journal

Well, I put my money were my mouth is today 4/5/18. Last week (3/29/18) I wrote about the challenge of getting my body OUTSIDE and running after at LEAST 10 months of NOT running across the planet. My previous life (the last 12 years of it anyway) always included running – even little bits –Continue reading “Thursday Mile: Rolling Journal”

Sarita & Randy v. Linda Taix

Our entrepreneur plan started off AWFUL. Backstory: We met on E-Harmony over a decade ago bringing our families together.  Two kids each. Then there was that time at band camp where we decided to quit our cushy full time 6 figure jobs and open a business that we believed in.  Both of our mother’s wereContinue reading “Sarita & Randy v. Linda Taix”

Spartan Training Day #1

Houghton-Schreiber Park, Simi Valley, Ca The plan was a 30 minute workout. Quick and dirty. Just to give all of us a little taste of the expectations (reality) of a Spartan Race. My awesome husband Randy decided to put a group together of willing participants for the Spartan Race happening in January 2017. Willing isContinue reading “Spartan Training Day #1”

The True Story of Joyce Gianera

I love this woman Joyce.  She made life fun when she was around and at the time I was already having fun…somehow she made it FUNNER (yes, it’s my blog and I can write funner…). Today a brand new camper was embarking on her 2nd day.  She was BEAMING happy and it reminded me ofContinue reading “The True Story of Joyce Gianera”