Amanda’s Bench

There is a bench at the Hummingbird and Rocky Peak trail  intersection that my husband put there in honor of our daughter Amanda Shoemaker.  The bench that was there was falling apart and he asked the Santa Monica Conservancy if he could repair it. From scratch.  He ordered special wood and sanded, carved and finishedContinue reading “Amanda’s Bench”

Sarita & Randy v. Linda Taix

Our entrepreneur plan started off AWFUL. Backstory: We met on E-Harmony over a decade ago bringing our families together.  Two kids each. Then there was that time at band camp where we decided to quit our cushy full time 6 figure jobs and open a business that we believed in.  Both of our mother’s wereContinue reading “Sarita & Randy v. Linda Taix”

My  Stem Cell Procedure

Pain was at 8 out of 10 almost every day.  If I did NOTHING then the pain went down to 3.  If I even walked up steps it would go to 5 or 6 for 24 hours. I’d rest and it would feel better so I tried to “live normally” and work…which means I wouldContinue reading “My  Stem Cell Procedure”

Spartan Training Day #1

Houghton-Schreiber Park, Simi Valley, Ca The plan was a 30 minute workout. Quick and dirty. Just to give all of us a little taste of the expectations (reality) of a Spartan Race. My awesome husband Randy decided to put a group together of willing participants for the Spartan Race happening in January 2017. Willing isContinue reading “Spartan Training Day #1”

Common Sense Stuff About Getting OLD

MACRO AND MICRO NUTRIENTS Keeping it simple helps you make a better choice Our bodies are miracles. Get a cut and your body will heal it.  Break your leg…bam…it will repair it!  This also includes: shave your legs and DANG IT…is there a REASON we need hair on our shin in this day and age?!Continue reading “Common Sense Stuff About Getting OLD”

Are Your Arms Broken?

Can I cuss? OK…no one is reading this anyway so I’m cussing in this post. It pisses me off (Level 10) to see people treat other people like servants.  I CAN’T’ STAND IT. Yesterday I was grocery shopping at #TraderJoes in #SimiValley and it was rather busy.  A lot of people trying to jam throughContinue reading “Are Your Arms Broken?”