Delicious Pumpkin Bread Recipe

Pumpkin Bread (Made In A Forest River Cherokee Trailer)

Perfect for a morning cup of tea or coffee. It’s sweet but not too sweet.

This is the bread that we got 3 slices out of before heading out on a run and to the gym for a workout during which time our chocolate lab Kona helped himself to the remainder. This bread was DELICIOUS. No kidding. I’ve got limited resources here (space constraints) and limited space in the oven.

ALSO: just a Pro-Tip from this Instant Pot girl… I created tons of pumpkin purée using my instant pot. It was too easy not to share. Simply wash, cut into pieces and IP for 15 minutes. Leave the skin on. Toss into a blender or food processor and ON LOW begin to puree it. You can use I t immediately (might wait for room temps) or freeze for later. We have been pouring it on top of our pet’s wet food (great health benefits for them too.). Here is a link to a great article about that

Baking in a trailer is TOUGH. The oven is a tiny thing with ONE line of burners directly down the center. This has been a challenge that has burned plenty of my creations. I think I’ve mastered it and we’re eating yummy baked goods again just like on Monticello with my giant convection oven! Note: you can choose gluten free or not.


Bread pan

1C Oat flour (gluten free)

3/4C Gluten Free Baking Flour

1t baking SODA

½ t baking POWDER

1/4 t salt

½ t nutmeg

¼ t ginger

½ t pumpkin spice

¾ C brown sugar

1 ¼ C pumpkin purée

¼ C coconut oil

½ banana, smashed

¼ c water

¼ c dried cranberries

⅓ c pumpkin pepitas (for the top)

Preheat Oven to 375

Prepare your loaf pan with either parchment, lightly greased and flour or use silicone baking dish (that is what I use)


In a large bowl (if you have that option) combine Oat Flour to Brown Sugar. Whisk it until it is completely combined.

In a smaller bowl, whisk together the pumpkin through the cranberries.

One cup at a time, blend the dry ingredients into the wet. Add the next cup once the first is completely blended. Continue until all the dry ingredients are in the smaller bowl.

The mix will be sticky, not runny.

Pour or spoon mixture into baking dish and spread with a spoon.

Evenly sprinkle pepitas on top of bread.

Place in oven on right side, top most shelf. Bake for 25 minutes.

Move to other side (DO NOT TURN…JUST SCOOT IT OVER) the bread and bake for another 25 minutes.

Remove from oven and set to cool (15 minutes). Turn oven off.

Place on a cutting board and take a pic before your family (especially Husband Unit) start carving and devouring it! 🙂

27 October 2017

Forest River Cherokee



Gluten-Free (optional)

Pet link:

Stayton Acres Bean and Lentil Chili

Stayton Acres Spicy Bean and Lentil Chili12 minutes InstantPot
Prep time: 15 minutes

Cook time: 15 minutes

Servings: 8 
I’m inspired to make a chili that will need a Stayton Acre avocado on top to offset the heat. Today is Day 22 for me living in my travel trailer. I’m excited that I’m doing this with little stress really. We are eating healthy meals and having a salad everyday. 
This recipe was created with plenty of hearty protein and vegetables in mind.  
Serve with sourdough, crunched up tortillas on top or corn bread.  
Don’t forget to chop sliced avocado on top.
1 yellow onion, chopped


5 garlic cloves, chopped

1 16oz can black beans

1 16oz can garbanzo beans 

1 16oz can red kidney beans
1 cup orange lentils

1 yellow bell pepper chopped

1 red bell pepper chopped

1 corn on the cob fresh kernels removed

3 celery stalks, chopped

1 14.5oz can of fire roasted diced tomatoes


1T cumin powder

1 ½ t chili powder (hot)

2T smoked paprika

1/2t coriander

1t black pepper

3/4t salt

1/2t cayenne pepper powder
Avocado (depending on how many people love avocado…I like ¼ large avocado per person chopped on top).


Trust The Process

m in the IMG_0021_8049Dear Boot Camper,

You are joining a program that is NOT a “lose weight fast” plan.  That’s the stone-cold TRUTH.

Losing weight will not find you happiness like they made us believe.  That’s MARKETING.

Seriously, you have to change the habits and behavior that got you into your current situation.   Most humans can get rid of or keep a habit if they do it for 21 days.

Try this:  move your silverware from its current location to a new place.  You’ll continue to go to the old place…and in 21 days your brain will get a new habit!



We help people CHANGE THEIR BEHAVIOR over time so that they have the tools and experience to KEEP THE WEIGHT OFF if they choose.

Personally I have tried many diet programs.  I had “success” on them. It was right after my 2nd child and I was depressed.  I lost weight quickly and got lots of compliments.

For about a year I was eating like a bird and exercising regularly on Saturday doing step-aerobics with a few girlfriends.  My mom was ticked I was being such an idiot about nutrition but I had read enough and felt I knew better.
Sarita 198 Jordan Heather 1991Me, far left.  991 and I weighed 198 lbs.  For the past 5 years I’ve bounced between 155 and 165.

I completely eliminated fast food, I packed my lunch which always had a giant salad in it, I walked to work (it was possible),   I added a lot of raw food to my diet.  I ate salmon, tuna or chicken as my protein AND I went to a boot camp every day Monday-Friday.  Most of you know I’m vegan now so I find my protein in plants and let me assure you I’m rarely starving.  Don’t worry, if I visit your house plants are safe. 🙂

I lost the weight and have kept it off for two decades BY CHANGING MY HABITS.  I’m shooting for a longer life without disease that is packed with delicious foods along the way.

Recently Randy said to me, “Honey, you are an EATER.” I was offended at first but the fact is I eat a LOT (nothing is left on my plate, ever) and I pig out and once in a while on unhealthy junk. I pay for it right away, but that’s my choice.  I think that’s normal behavior for most of us.  90% of the time I’m giving myself nutrient dense food packed with vitamins, minerals and enzymes…and protein, fat and carbs.

It’s all about the change in my habits and lifestyle.  I never EVER thought I could keep a habit beyond a few weeks (and when I stopped those unhealthy low-nutrient diets I gained the weight back PLUS some…including extra depression).

So, think about the future.  TRUST THE SYSTEM you have found!



Our philosophies are to get you eating LESS preserved foods and MORE fresh foods.  What you are eating is 80% of a weight-loss/fat loss battle.  The foods you eat are either making your body healthier or not.  By now you should know.

We want you exercising at 100% SIX days every week and taking a day off to do something relaxing.  We want you out of your comfort zone!

If you are injured, we want you to know how/what to do QUICKLY when an exercise isn’t right for you.

Trust our system, our 805 Boot Camp “process”.

Show up and eat healthy nutrient dense foods and YES YOU WILL GET SLIMMER, TRIMMER, HAVE MORE ENERGY AND BE HAPPIER!

You’ll be able to maintain it too.

🙂 Sarita & Randy

Common Sense Stuff About Getting OLD

Randy Morgan having dinner talking in kitchen Feb 2013
Father’s give good advice.

Keeping it simple helps you make a better choice

Our bodies are miracles.

Get a cut and your body will heal it.  Break your leg…bam…it will repair it!  This also includes: shave your legs and DANG IT…is there a REASON we need hair on our shin in this day and age?!

The natural growth of a body is like a plant growing from a seed.

Plant a seed good soil filled with nutrients, make sure it gets water and sun then watch it blossom to its full potential.

Science has proven that the right (or correct) balance of macro and micro nutrients is not simple at all.

According to the USDA’s website an article by Adrienne Youdim, MD, FACP  “Overview of Nutrition: Macronutrients” starts off strong with “Nutrition is the science of food and its relationship to health. Nutrients are chemicals in foods that are used by the body for growth, maintenance, and energy. Nutrients that cannot be synthesized by the body and thus must be derived from the diet are considered essential. They include vitamins, minerals, some amino acids, and some fatty acids. Nutrients that the body can synthesize from other compounds, although they may also be derived from the diet, are considered nonessential. Macronutrients are required by the body in relatively large amounts; micronutrients are needed in minute amounts.”

The bottom line is: we need vitamins, minerals, some amino acids and some fatty acids.

Wrap - bean veggie carrot
That’s a wrap! Steamed carrots, black beans, cabbage on lettuce. Spicy hot chili sauce (sriracha).

As we age there are plenty of road signs telling us: GET UP AND MOVE!  That burns energy which means EAT!

A progressive loss of lean body mass can occur with aging.  Starting after 40 years old women lose about 11 lbs and men 22 lbs of muscle!  Add in the lack of nutritient-dense foods plus sedentary lifestyles and that will increase.  Ref: Merck Manual Overview of Undernutrition by John E. Morley, MB, BCh.

Mr. Morley writes, “Aging decreases basal metabolic rate (due mainly to decreased fat-free mass), total body weight, height, and skeletal mass; from about age 40 to age 65, mean body fat (as a percentage of body weight) increases to about 30% (from 20%) in men and to 40% (from 27%) in women.”

So let’s get outside, build up our fat-free mass (imagine what body parts we’re talking about)  and eat foods filled with nutrients.

For our campers: bring multiple sets of varying weights to camp to do, especially if you are a believer in the science of our bodies and want to stave off “old age” problems.

Just for kicks take a minute to look at different foods you eat and compare them to the Percentage Daily Recommended (%DV) of an adult consuming a 2,000 calorie reference diet.  Remember: your personal daily values may be different.

I use Nutrition Data for a quick and detailed report. Personally I love charts and maps and could spend hours just staring at them “imagining” scenarios that apply to my own life or plans.

If you are wondering what your daily requirements should be, visit the USDA’s National Agricultural Library where health care professionals go to calculate the information.

Overview Of Nutrition by Adrienne Youdim, MD, FACP

Undernutrition by John E. Morley, MB, BCh

Be The Boss Of Your Health

Black Bean pasta artichoke avocado salad tomato carrot Dinner LunchThankfully the internet can prove anything you want.  Seriously.

Our (Randy and I) education in healthy and fitness covered thorough exploration and EXPLANATION of how our food is made up of energy – aka CALORIES.  From actual text books, not promotional websites.

This week I am going to give you some stunning news: no amount of alcohol is helpful in any weight loss or fat loss dream.  NONE.

That is the tip of the iceberg on how disastrous alcohol is for our bodies though.

Carbohydrate (complex and simple) provides 4 calories per gram, protein provides 4 calories per gram, and fat provides 9 calories per gram.  Alcohol has 7 calories per gram!

Why is this significant?

Because, if you are trying to fill your body with NUTRIENTS to work harder, build muscle and get stronger you need to consume nutrient-dense foods!

What does “nutrient dense” mean?  Simply put:  calories that contain lots of vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals!  They are foods packed with VALUE that will help your body, not take away from it’s natural processes (or tax them).

Without getting too detailed, you can find nutrients in complex carbohydrates (vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans, lentils, peas), fats (mono and polyunsaturated are what you should go for like avocado, olive oil, corn oil, peanut oil, some fish) and proteins (lean meats, green vegetables like kale, broccoli).

The lists of NUTRIENT DENSE and NUTRIENT FILLED foods is enormous.

BUYER BEWARE. Read labels.  Marketing has invaded our market (grocery) and the definition of buzzwords like “healthy” “wholesome” “natural” “organic” “lite” “Low Fat” “Low Calorie” “artificial” are just a FEW the packaging will contain yet behind the curtain you’ll see a list of ingredients you might not actually understand.  DON’T GIVE UP!

Nowadays when we shop we look at ingredients.  They do list them in order of quantity within the item which is great.  We go for the least words we don’t understand and even better 100% words we understand!

A quick example of how many ways you will and can see a SWEETENER in an item.  For the record, these are not all bad or man-made!  Treacle, for example, is another word for molasses , sugar and corn syrup combined (and just happens to be one of Harry Potter’s favorite treats).

I found 44 different words you might see on a label:

agave nectar
barley malt extract
brown rice syrup
brown sugar
corn sugar
corn sweetener
corn syrup
crystiline fructose
dehydrated cane sugar juice
evaporated cane juice
evaporated cane syrup
fruit juice concentrate
golden syrup
high fructose corn syrup
invert sugar
malt syrup
maple syrup
raw sugar
rice syrup
sorghum syrup
turbinado sugar

You have control over what you put into your body and you are RESPONSIBLE for it too.

Go for the least amount of processing done on a food as possible.  Additives can ruin what you think is “healthy”.  Sodium is “natural” but you need to watch the amount you consume!

“Healthy” should be defined as filled or packed with nutrient-rich ingredients in my world.

The healthier we eat, the better our bodies should work.  It’s not a miracle.

Alcohol contains no proteins, minerals or vitamins.  When we consume it our body manages it like it would FAT and converts alcohol sugars into fatty acids.  To make it worse, alcohol inhibits the absorption of important nutrients our body needs:  thiamin, b12, folk acid and zing.

Just looking into thiamin (or vitamin B1) ALONE is shocking.

According to studies published by the National Institute of Health  low levels of B1 were present in the following diseases:  diabetes, alzheimer’s disease and heart failure!!  Three of the TOP KILLERS in our world right now.

Forget trying to lose fat: how about STAYING ALIVE and living a BETTER QUALITY OF LIFE?

Let’s stay focused on trusting the process:  eat healthy and exercise daily – keep moving across the planet.

Removing alcohol from your diet will only make your body happier from the inside out.

Daily intake, in my opinion, is harmful to your waistline as well as your health.  That would be called a HABIT and it is tough to break habits.

Maybe a glass of wine once in a long while, in the perfect conditions you can make (for me, sitting on our back porch with the pets or kids around), with the highest quality or favorite bottle you can swing would be a better plan.

That’s my new plan.  I’ve got to start hunting for a bottle of  Opus One.  Camp finishes June 10th for a week off and the SoCal evenings are the best in June!

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