Thursday Mile: Rolling Journal

Well, I put my money were my mouth is today 4/5/18.

Last week (3/29/18) I wrote about the challenge of getting my body OUTSIDE and running after at LEAST 10 months of NOT running across the planet.

My previous life (the last 12 years of it anyway) always included running – even little bits – because of our outdoor boot camp program. It was part of my “job”. The lesson for me is: don’t stop moving across the planet! I took my job for granted and the awesome feeling “running” gave me is returning.

My Trainer encouraged me to just run OUT for 1 mile and then walk back to the start. Excellent advice for me (you might consider it for yourself if you are like me…just getting back to moving across the planet).

Today’s route was along a river (very peaceful) with spring colors popping out like Christmas lights along the way. I ran alone along this asphalt path thinking about the people in my life that are joining me on this little adventure of #ThursdayMile

I hope everyone that wanted to commit can make it happen and post a comment of at least ONE of the mile times they had (or an average).

Remember: this is just for you to improve yourself and NOT a competition with anyone else.

This week I had to stop myself from running SAVING it for my Thursday Mile. I was anxious to accomplish my mile today (so I think that worked out well). I did go to the gym inbetween but that’s not the same at all.

Journal Info…
4/5/18 10:43, no poop pick up
3/29/18 11:34, 1 poop pick up

When you run a mile today, please share that you did it and if you want to include your time that’s up to you.  Also, if you have any positive words to add that would be amazing.

I’m already excited to run next week!

Anonymous poll:




My friends Bill and Peter would include me in their trail bike adventures on a regular basis.  Then Tracey started joining in and eventually we had a BIKER GANG I called The Little Rascals.

Randy and I spent one of the sunny days here on a long ride down the Jordan/Provo River on our mountain bikes (on a paved path) to explore what things looked like from our house all the way to Provo Lake!   The path itself is covered with naked trees (which we expect will be exploding soon in color!) and there were plenty of people taking walks and running.  I couldn’t take any pics of that or I would crash and land on people or in the river.  Next time, maybe.  The end is wide open where the airport (I wondered where it was!) is and a long dirt road.  We rode it almost to the end.  I caught video while there of the MILLIONS of toads croaking.  It was magical!!

It was so pretty and I was thinking about my friends wishing they were with me enjoying it too.

So, on that note: HI GANG!  I took these pics for you!  I miss you all tons!!



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4 thoughts on “Thursday Mile: Rolling Journal

  1. Loved the video of your surroundings. So pretty, and nice sound effects with the frogs! LOL. 🙃
    Still pondering the mile club but haven’t done it yet. Admitting you need it is halfway there though right? Isn’t that what they say? 😉 Enjoy that beautiful outdoors you now call home. 💕🌸


    1. Hey Teri – they are happy still. I feel them “go out of place” and getting started on a run takes a bit to warm up. Overall they are doing great though. I ran (jogged) two miles today and am happy to say there is no pain.

      I have added yoga to my exercising which has helped.

      ALSO a change in my life is my job now requires standing for 8 hours a day. After a shift my knees are TIGHT. A few long stretches and they recover right away (like an hour). If I do yoga (1 hour) BEFORE I go to work I have zero knee issues at the end of the day.

      Please tell Dr. Movva I said HELLO!! I wish I could make it back to visit with him and his team. They are the best.


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