Water Pump 101

Today (Monday June 26th, 2017) we did not wake up planning to spend all morning installing a fuel pump.  Well, I did not anyway. The fuel pump went out at the start of our stay at Stayton Acres and we had flooding twice in the bathroom. That sounds so dramatic.  Our bathroom is super smallContinue reading “Water Pump 101”

How Many Pairs Of Underwear?

I had no idea how much to pack on our new adventure.   In a forum about RV Travel and Working I posted that question (explicitly for clothing) and the replies didn’t really help at all.  A few people work FULL TIME JOBS and need business suits, there was one gal that mentioned she prioritizedContinue reading “How Many Pairs Of Underwear?”

10-4 Loud And Clear. 10-10.

I love walkie-talkie stuff.  My sister and I had Chiquita Banana Walkie Talkies and inbetween building forts of our mom’s sheets in the livingroom we would run around the neighborhood testing their range (which was about 10 feet). 1985 was when I was stuffed in a Greyhound bus and taken from the secret Scientology InternationalContinue reading “10-4 Loud And Clear. 10-10.”

How To Travel With A Cat

How to TRAVEL WITH A CAT Taking your cat on the road with you can be done! We rescued Piper from our local no-kill shelter (Ventura County Animal Services) after I lost my cat to a hungry coyote. In my life I’ve had so many cats, starting with Poncho, then Bach, Patty Mayonaise, Buster andContinue reading “How To Travel With A Cat”