Inspiration Just Wandered Into Our Yard

Young bucks playing in my back yard.

We have been here in Monument Colorado since November.

The FIRST DAY we arrived was mid October. It was dusk and we had to unpack a few items to then race back to Provo Utah.

Right next to the house I spotted a GIANT buck. Is it a buck? I don’t know – I need to learn the right words. That’s the one I’m sticking with right now (correct me, I don’t mind).

He stood there, 30 yards away, watching Randy and I unload our belongings. Staring.

Over the few months we have seen pairs of 2 (at most, never more) bucks roaming through the back ravine area.

Today we got our socks blown off when 8, maybe 10 bucks visited to raid my bird feeders!
Randy and I stood paralyzed just watching these majestic creatures move slowly about. There were a few young’uns with them. The chain of command was pretty obvious too.

First Arthur (I named him that today) arrived and stood alone munching away. Off in the distance more bucks began emerging from the wooded area and ravine. SLOWLY.

I started taking photos from indoors and wanted to go out and see what I could do without a dumb window between us.

The FIRST click of my Canon 7D and they all bolted!! Dang it!!

Back inside I went…and they returned.

I got some moving pictures (video) footage which was neat. I also got some amazing photos of them being THEMSELVES!

Arthur backed off and let the others in on the grub. Look at his antlers – the base of them are so scratchy looking!

Frank, the one that you will see was talking to me, stayed the longest.

I named two others: Bill (he waited off on the edge for eternity) and of course you can’t miss Brad (he has a tilted antler… likely going to fall off…I wonder if that hurts).

Two sets of boys were knocking antlers. I noticed their little tails were wagging sort of like Kona’s when he’s having fun. So, I’m going to assume they were playing, not fighting.
These creatures are why I drive the speed limit around here. Our roads are rural and winding. We live around 7,000 ft and the weather here has been snowy and cold AND in the 60’s.

What a start to the day!

Published by Sarita Shoemaker

I love my kids, husband, pets, the Earth and family. My Top 5 feelings: gratitude, honor, honesty, respect, encouragement. Pretty certain this is how most of us would answer the prompt "About Me". Enough about About You?

2 thoughts on “Inspiration Just Wandered Into Our Yard

  1. You have such a unique way of describing “life”! What a wonderful talent to be born with!! (Or has it been an inspiration to you to tell things the way they are?)


    1. Thanks Judy!! I think I have always WANTED to tell things the way I see them… but I also don’t really want to upset people. Words are and can be uplifting or hurtful from what I’ve experienced. The hurtful ones seem to bubble up when I feel down.


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