Hillbilly Discovery

I think these little seed growths (aka sprouts) are so cute! I love our planet.
Reused my apple bag as a seed incubator – easy stuff!

I’m proud to admit that I earned a few Certifications (following in my family’s footsteps) in using things or reusing things to solve problems. Wire hangers, duct tape, TP rolls…you know, standard stuff.


I went out on a limb using my apple bag as a way to start seeds growing for outdoor planting when the weather stops being psycho here.

#MonumentColorado #Colorado #SpringIncludesBombCyclones


About two weeks ago I put dirt and seeds in this bag. It has small holes in the bottom. I shook it a little to make sure the seeds and dirt were combined. Added a little water (until it seeped through). Left it in a dark place with zero sunlight. A few days ago found seedlings peeking out so brought it into my brightly lit room with plenty of sunshine and set it on the floor beneath a window (not DIRECT sun).


We had more psycho weather but it included sunshine.


Look at my spectacular seeds!


Now I’ll be able to remove them from this incubator system (protected from my cat eating them) and plant them in their own growing pot. I forgot to label them (I actually did not think this would work) but I THINK I planted kale or lettuce).


Schools can use this idea to teach the kids about recycling AND planting seeds to watch them grow…then take the bag home to plant in a garden.


Please try it or share this idea – it’s too simple and WORKS! 


PS: Are sprouts cute?  I mean really, look at them! 

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