Hillbilly Discovery

I’m proud to admit that I earned a few Certifications (following in my family’s footsteps) in using things or reusing things to solve problems. Wire hangers, duct tape, TP rolls…you know, standard stuff.   I went out on a limb using my apple bag as a way to start seeds growing for outdoor planting whenContinue reading “Hillbilly Discovery”


CHILI IN AN INSTANT POT Hearty VegetarianSPICE COMBO INCLUDED This combo tastes amazing as chili. PDF of Recipe I am posting if for ONE AWESOME CUSTOMER that came through my line last night. I can’t remember your name but I hope you find this post and can create an amazing chili in your Instant Pot!Continue reading “CHILI IN AN INSTANT POT Hearty Vegetarian”

Healthy Wrap (Vegan)

Vegan Wrap Entertainment Well…I finally did it. I finally put together a video of me making a vegan wrap. Who knows what’s next! This is all because of two very influential people in my life. Randy and Bogie. Bogie is keeps himself on the “cutting edge” of marketing and built his business Art Of SavingContinue reading “Healthy Wrap (Vegan)”