Title: Paper Girl by Sarita

I have the right people in my life. In my inner circle.

I move at the right speed toward my goals and I collect good energy along this path. i am constantly giving good energy to these people while I receive it.

This means there are people in my life that show me signs to stay away from them. They are toxic to my well-being. They are lessons!

The people in my life want to be productive. They want to contribute. They love the idea of “work” they GIVE constantly.

It inspires me to give as well.

The synchronicity is so peaceful.

I only let certain people at my table and they are the best people.

Published by Sarita Shoemaker

I love my kids, husband, pets, the Earth and family. My Top 5 feelings: gratitude, honor, honesty, respect, encouragement. Pretty certain this is how most of us would answer the prompt "About Me". Enough about About You?

One thought on “Affirmation

  1. I’m always so grateful for your posts. When i see an email alerting me of one, I smile right away. Thank you for being a bright light for me!!!

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