J-Diamond RV Resort, Bishop CA

Hangin’ out with The Winterburns!
Most people wouldn’t know this place was here, pretty sure. If they do know then it would come with a stigma, raised eyebrow and immediate judgmental opinion when you mention it is where you are “staying”.

The J-Diamond RV Resort is nestled behind the infamous (since 1938 a billboard boasts along Highway 395) Erick Schat’s Bakkery.
The Host we met (Rachel) was super nice. Our spot was designated and I got a little excited when she told us to go to #99. (Like I said in my last post, I just like that number a lot and it felt “lucky”.)

Distracted by the baking heat, we did not notice much of our surroundings immediately. We were eager to park the thing and get our space organized so we could go to dinner with Rob and Jennie in Paradise.


There is a GIANT TREE (I’m gonna guess 20 foot circumference) tree between our spot and the family on the north side.  
We have a big concrete slab to call our “porch” which is nice.

On the south side is a trailer that is being picked apart by birds thread by thread. I’m gonna guess the last time it moved was a year ago, maybe more.  

To the west of us is a row of RV’s and a CREEK that is flowing madly and a family of ducks enjoy. 

On the east side is a row of permanent type trailers and their yards are packed with their belongings. Directly behind us is a garden! In it is a mysterious bottle-like contraption.

The people have been really cool and wander through our backyard to and from each other’s rigs. One guy came buzzing up during our arrival in a monster rail offering help.  

Two tries to get safely past the giant tree then PRECISION. Dang!

Randy parked the Lorax LIKE A BOSS. He is definitely getting better and better at this task!! So cool.  

My job was to help get the “arrival” checklist done helping Randy stabilize and make sure we were as even as possible. We did that quickly leaving the pets in the truck with the AC blasting and shade.

Next I had to confront the absolute MESS of the interior. I have a great system now in my kitchen to make sure nothing is broken or destroyed. It worked.  

Uhhh…things seem to have shifted.

Having to re-arrange all of the over-weight area ruined my plan so I began to dig out the items one by one. Once that was done and the power turned on (listening for that popping sound indicating our surge protector was humming) we cranked the AC, opened up the slide-out and brought the pets in.  

We were both drenched in sweat and hurrying to be ready to go to our dinner date at the Winterburn’s house (which we did not know how far away we would be driving).

I was next assigned to getting the water set up. Rachel (our Camp Host) mentioned we would have cable but I discovered we did not bring a wire to go from the cable box to our trailer – oh well.
The last day we watched cable TV was July 27th, 2014! I would not miss having cable really so no biggie.

I had to “plug us in”. That tall structure in the center was PACKED with spider webs and I had to go upside down to find the 30 amp plug. IN THE SUN.
The backside of the TT. My work area IN THE BLAZING HOT SUN.
Our neighbor on the east. We met him and he is a really cool man.
What a disaster! Until you realize IT IS ALL WE OWN so it isn’t THAT much to clean up!
Piper actually seems to enjoy when it’s a complete mess.

Got the water rolling and then we took showers to cool off and prepare the pet’s dinners.  

We began our drive to Jennie and Rob’s place noticing the mountains on our left. It was dry as a bone (something we were getting used to in Simi Valley, California) and definitely “high desert” terrain.

The neighborhood they live in is called Paradise. When we walked through the front door and out on to the deck we could see why. There was a slight haze from the Diaz Fire lingering but through it we could see The Buttermilk’s and Mt Tom. AH-MAZE-ING.  

Jennie is a yoga professional (she has studios in Simi Valley!) and hosts a retreat in Bishop for yoga teachers. The house is zenfully calm, peaceful and serene. The views just add to it. I imagined having a cup of coffee in the morning then working on yoga all day. Ahhhhh….

There were three treats at the house: their pets!  


Their neighborhood survived a terrible 500 acre fire in late 2016 (Owens River Fire) but from the deck we only saw a little haze from the Diaz Fire currently still happening. 

A sublime view from Paradise.
Time flew by too quickly as we dined on Jennie’s home made vegan fare and it was scrumptious! She should open a diner. Yes! A Yoga Diner. Is there one in existence? 

We talked about so much and learned a lot about each other – we have a lot more in common which I thought was neat.
After dessert we headed back home to find the pets happy to see us (when aren’t they!?).
The drive home was so peaceful.  Rob and Jennie were our first visit on our journey away from all that we have known and relied on as a home base.  We are grateful and thankful for that time together.

Arriving at The J-Diamond in the darkness was a bit spooky.  The number of trailers (which range in age and aesthetics) lined up around us was awkward and not comfortable.  The heat was still pouring off the ground and buildings.

Randy did his usual “security walk around”. We agreed to sleep with the AC on all night. This is something we both really don’t like at all.

By 9pm we had climbed into bed for our first night in a strange new place and were fast asleep with full happy bellies.
It was a decent Day 1 on our official Wanderlust Journey.

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I love my kids, husband, pets, the Earth and family. My Top 5 feelings: gratitude, honor, honesty, respect, encouragement. Pretty certain this is how most of us would answer the prompt "About Me". Enough about me...how About You?

3 thoughts on “J-Diamond RV Resort, Bishop CA

  1. Whether it be international jet-setting or domestic trailer travel, isn’t the adventure the BEST??!!!!
    Safe travels to you and Randy (&the “kids”). 🐶😸 Not knowing what lies ahead each day is an exciting way to live and I’m so happy for you!!
    Take care and keep the blogs coming. I read every word. 😊


    1. I love it. Thank you so much. That puts a little pressure on me to hurry up and finish my next Chapter or post. It is difficult with the network being SO SLOW. I’m not getting your updates! Right now I’m working on figuring out WHY. I’m not too good on WordPress stuff. 🙂


      1. Hahaha. I’m no good on WordPress either! I should probably pay for the upgrade, but just can’t bring myself to do that. LOL $$$
        I like it cuz it’s a way for friends to read about my trip and yet still be “incognito”. 🙂. I admire your willingness to be so open and out there for all to see. Maybe someday I’ll get over my fear of being so public but for now, this will have to do. Glad we’re connected. 😸
        Take care and don’t worry about the 4 legged kiddos. They’ll be fine as long as you’re there. 💕

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