​Just when we were about to kill each other we got a fantastic phone call from our soon-to-be “Boss”.

It’s been a LONG time since I’ve had a boss.  This is going to be interesting.  I know I’m a great employee so that part I’m not worried about.  I guess I’m worried about knowing what is needed from us so we can be sure to provide it.  Our motto has always been “Underpromise and overdeliver”.

I have gone from 5 bug bites to 9 as of 4:30pm.  We just put Frontline on all the pets and now have the fun job of clearing out the house.  Yes, it is awful but it is what I signed up for.   Just found out from a professional exterminator that my bites are mosquitos.  Well that’s a relief since we have 27 feet of HOUSE to live in and fumigating really is not an option.

I am preparing 25 magic envelopes tonight.  I only had enough budgeted to print 25 copies of my newest HAND DRAWN newsletter called The Wanderlust Leaf.   I’ve had no internet (stable anyway) so I have spent time just doodling out a fun little daddy that I hope to continue.  No excuses unless I run out of Sharpies and/or Ticonderoga pencils.

Top priority (check your mailbox from the US Postal Service) are people leaving comments about my posts on my actual blog (not on Facebook) that I have a home address for.  This idea was not in the family finances or budget – it costs 30-cents to print ONE piece of paper.  There is no other printing place in all of Bishop, so we are stuck.  I will say that Alex’s Printing on Main Street is a great place though.  I got a lot of help making sure my prints were perfect.

My newest creation: The Wanderlust Leaf!

Randy is currently cleaning out all of our delicious plumbing because WE GOT THE GREEN LIGHT TO HEAD TO MAMMOTH!!

We have a few questions still to make sure we leave at the right time but overall we are seriously excited to move a step further on our original plan.  

Just last night we had no confirmation and were trying to figure out how we would make this happen.  Living in Bishop is NOT ideal for our pets and that is our biggest concern.   It was great news to hear from our boss.

So, the best way to hear about what is happening is going to be this blog.  I hope you subscribe to it if you are interested.  

If you want to get a copy of our first Wanderlust Leaf please read my blog and leave me comments.  I will read and reply to each of them when I have internet.  Promise. 

Thank you friends and family!

Randy, Sarita, Kona, Zoey and Piper

From Bishop, California