Unexpected Surprises

Funny thing about living in a town where you do not have one friend.

Cars pull up outside our house and in the past I’d be curious about who could it be? I likely knew the person so I’d scan over what I was wearing and glanced in the mirror for any embarrasing surprises…skank on my nostril, seeds in my teeth and bad breath.

In my old town I always had an apron on covering the outfits I’d switched into after boot camp in the morning. Chances are NOTHING matched but it was comfy enough to sit at my computer and work on all of the marketing, public relations and website work.

But here it is totally different!

The sound of a door slamming and I sort of “noticed it”. No one is coming to my house to visit me (for the record I’m dressed properly in jeans, t-shirt, flannel and my favorite crocs.)

This time the doorbell rang and HEAVY thumping…KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK.

I was instantly in a mental panic.

Randy was in New York and I was alone with the pets.


I scanned my surroundings for weapons remembering Master Rene’s Women’s Self Defense Classes: BRUTALITY. He’d given me a couple of good items to have nearby so I grabbed one and went toward the front door.

With my right hand hand on my weapon (which I’m not going to tell you what it is…you have to have done his classes to know) I touched the doorknob and turned it super slowly.

It was getting dark out so I flicked on the porch light with my weapon hand.

I changed my plan and let go of the doorknob and attempted a peek through our giant front window pulling back the drapes.

There was a white van parked in front of the house. Empty.

No one was standing on the porch.

Randy’s Christmas pinecones left sparkles across the steps and they glistened.

I pressed my face too close to the window and smashed my glasses into my nose. That didn’t feel good.

Turning around I noticed Piper (my cat) was in full Halloween Mode. Hair electric and arched ready to battle danger. Kona was next to me with his tail wagging like crazy and his eyes WIDE open.

It seemed the coast was clear so I gulped and held my weapon tighter as I opened the door QUICKLY (planned to startle the person) only to confirm nobody was there. I stepped out and looked around and saw the backside of a person wearing dark blue and moving across my neighbor’s yard. Then I saw TWO envelopes squeezed into our tiny mailbox.

Addressed to Randy and Sarita Shoemaker. I instantly figured out it was the mailman! DUH!

Our mail has been packed with bills, flyers, magazines and the previous occupant’s mail on occassion. Randy’s been getting boxes and packages from Enecon (weighing as much as his kettlebells!). I put the envelopes on the table and continued my evening yawning that Randy’d gotten ANOTHER surprise.

A few days later those envelopes were getting in the way so I decided to open them! Plus I was pretty bored being home without Randy for so long. Fun fact: we have not spent more than 4 days apart.


THANK YOU to Wandering Weirdo for CONTINUING to push, inspire and guide me on my writing.

All that just to practice for my English Class too. 🙂

Getting something nice out of the blue sure makes you feel good inside. Maybe we would make the world a better place if we just sent packages and letters randomly to people. It really does feel special.

WW ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

PS: Written while heating my cashews for my vegan dipping sauce…got kids comin’ over to pig out tonight!

Published by Sarita Shoemaker

I love my kids, husband, pets, the Earth and family. My Top 5 feelings: gratitude, honor, honesty, respect, encouragement. Pretty certain this is how most of us would answer the prompt "About Me". Enough about me...how About You?

2 thoughts on “Unexpected Surprises

  1. LOL….
    Sorry for all the fearful moments of despair when you heard the knocking (read “pounding”), on your door. In no way was that my intent. You poor thing…😞 I can only imagine.
    Yeah, those guys always pull up in some random vehicle with ZERO markings so you never know what the heck is going on. (But Piper knew, so 2 points for team kitty!) 😺
    I realized after I put the order in, that I hadn’t signed it, but there was a pretty big clue inside. Then as I thought about it, it was kinda fun thinking that you may not know who it was from. But, alas! You’re too smart for any of my shenanigans. 😬
    I truly hope you like them, and that they inspire you to keep reaching for your dreams. Remember this thought.

    💕💕 One Day…or…Day One 💕💕

    Know that you have a big supporter over here on this end of the cyber world. And for gosh sake, don’t open the door to strangers please!! No matter WHAT that weapon was.

    Take care! ☺️

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