Code Violation, Again

This really happened…today…like 5 minutes ago.

Randy and I get along pretty well.

I know this because of how much we have been through TOGETHER and that’s when you discover the strengths within each other.  If you know both of us (since we got married) you’ve seen that part of our life.

Before that we learned habits that we “bring to the table” on a regular basis.  This one Randy brought is a REGULAR: using the clean dish drying towels to clean up spills on the floor.

This REALLY happened.  Like 5 minutes before I sat down.  I just laugh now (and plan when I’ll be using the family finances to purchase a better towel to replace the one that has been used to clean up anything other than drying a dish…THAT I HAVE SEEN.)  Only one person on earth knows which towels have been used for anything other than drying a dish.

We have pared our stuff down to 1 1/2 10×6 U-Haul Trailers!  Can you imagine that? 


This is me these days. Namaste.
Pip’s Pet Care 

We have moved to a new place in Colorado and today it is 27 degrees outside as I walked our dogs and passed out my new Pet Care Service cards door to door.

Did you know I opened a Pet Care Service!?  My sister helped me!  A blog reader helped me! My amazing Husband Unit helped me! 

Now to get some new clients here in my new town that I am LOVING! 

🙂 Wish me luck before I freeze and wish Randy luck too (maybe he needs CLEANING RAGS from Santa this year).


I think it would be wise to include DO NOT EVER EVER USE MY DISH TOWELS FOR CLEANING UP SPILLS ANYWHERE EVER ON EARTH to wedding vows.
I think it would help a marriage. 🙂

#love #tillDeathdoUsPart #WaitWTH #realLifeProblem #IamsureItoldyouthis52milliontimes #stillLoveMyGuy #HusbandUnit #TLF


  1. It must be a guy thing with towels. It seems a consistent theme!! Thankfully Joe goes for the paper towels first but has no problem going for my dish towels in the absence of paper towels lol.
    Love this update. Love you guys!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Congratulations in your pet care’s the ultimate job in my book….food critic is the only other job that might, just might be equal. And, ashamed to say I clean up spills…yup even on the floor, with a dish towel…but, it goes in the laundry immediately after…🙇‍♀️


  3. Another great, spot on post. Love it! I relate to all if yours. Here’s another pet peeve of mine. How about cookie baking sheets are not car oil pans. Anyway, where in Colorado are you? I have some CO friends and can share your contact info. Best wishes, 😊💕


  4. This made me laugh so hard. Kenny does this too grrrr! Stiring paint with your wooden spoons 😂. He hasn’t tried that one yet. Your pet care services will be amazing and people will be happy they found you! Good luck and keep us posted how it’s going ❤️


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