That Wasn’t Very Fun

Goodbye 2018.

Hello 2019.

Handling my own problems with painting.

January 1st, 2019

WELL. We made it. Survived the entire year scraping by.

I wrote a lot of actual LETTERS last year. I took a photo of each envelope to make sure I replied to all of the letters I received plus I wanted to look back on all of the colorful envelopes I made.

Randy has been pushing me to keep creating too. It’s hard and discouraging.

Seems like people aren’t interested in writing letters anymore. It’s a ‘digital age’ and the younger folks are going to miss out.

I cannot imagine this. I’ll be writing letters to people I love and care about until I die whether or not I get a response. I always hope to of course.

Luckily 2018 had a friend that kept me from losing my mind working at a place that was paralyzing on happiness. I had to fake it most every single day just to make it to the end and throw my exhausted bones onto our tiny cheap couch hanging out with our dogs Zoey and Kona plus our cat Piper.

My husband and I sat down at the start of December in our new home to make a list of all of the great things about 2018. It was so fun to remember THOSE THINGS and write them down! It is never to late to reflect on a period of time and pick out the great stuff within it.

ANYWHO…we’re buzzing along here in freezing cold Colorado learning AGAIN how to start from scratch. By the end of our adventures (if not now) I think we can help someone else map out WHAT NOT TO DO! HA HA!!

Zone where LBs have nested.

I’ve put on a few LBs, managed to mess up my left hand (which makes is super fun to write, paint, type and use my mouse), last year in September I tore my rotator cuff during one of the grocery store case lot sales followed by a FIVE 12-PACKS of Coke Products/Pepsi Products for $10. This reduced my yoga participation by about 25% so I’ve been working on kettlebell and free weight 30 minute exercises.

I know that 80% of any body change battle starts with my food habits.

So, I resurrected my food journal.

Randy and I wrote this baby and used it at our boot camp business for over a decade. It was tweaked and modified…updated and changed…all to make it more effective.

I’m putting a page here for you to download and use if you want to make some changes to any habits you are not happy with.

For me: I want to stick to a healthier food choice plan and get back to drinking the right amount of water…OH AND I WANT TO KEEP EXERCISING despite a -6 degree temperature outside.

Right now I’m staring out my back window as 8 deer are chomping away at whatever they can find. It’s butt ass cold out and in the last two months I’ve watched these deer (must be a family) roam through our backyard. Their fur is darker and the babies are growing up. One boy deer lost one antler (we hunted for it but no dice) so he’s wandering around with ONE antler. It doesn’t seem to be affecting him though and the lady-deer are just as irritated with him trying to insist on some hanky-panky time chasing them all through the trees.

For 2019 I plan to get my feet solid on the ground again.

I have things I want to accomplish. Not really RESOLUTIONS. More like accomplishments that I want to have on my list NEXT December.

OK gotta go.

I hope you download this food journal page if you need help. It’s free from Randy and I.

We are offering our entire food journal in electronic download too, if you are interested. We are pricing it at $12 (not $15). It WILL help you go 6 weeks straight, just like the old days at 805 Boot Camp.


Recent adventures…in photos (in case you wondered).


  1. Boy, that food journal sure brings back memories! I may just print that out to see if I can face my truth again. Stay tuned…
    Loved the pictures of your surroundings. It really IS beautiful there (despite the cold, right?) Glad we all made it out of 2018 in one piece – barely! Onto bigger and better things in the new year. Can’t wait to see what unfolds. Happy New Year!🥳


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