10 Incredibly Important Concepts A Business Owner Should Know How To Do

Over the past four decades I have helped businesses move forward toward a goal or dream using one of the following Guidelines.

Personally I enjoy the concept of plotting out a course. Just ask my husband and kids. If it is “chart-able” you can know I’m figuring it all out (from managing a product launch, manning up a tech support crew to going on vacation…I even plan out my grocery shopping to make sure my squishables are not on the bottom of the cart and I use all of my coupons).

Logically you want to streamline your efforts, especially as a Business Owner.

I’ve worked in all levels: International, National, Local, Small Business.

Each of them required the same forethought and structure.  Human Resources are always involved in my plans and they are the biggest expense! Don’t waste your Human Resource time, energy and leverage!

Organizing your plans and ideas will help you in the long run. It also allows you to DELEGATE actions or activities.

Update: Each Guideline has individual steps with a time frame to completion determined at the beginning/start and during planning.  This can then be turned into a Critical Path (another business tool I adore).


Strategic Plan Guideline
Purpose: To have a larger point of view, a 30,000 feet up point of view (as my friend Maggie Kestly often referred to), of a long term goal and the larger broad ideas in accomplishing it.

Tactical Plan Guideline
Purpose: To dissect the broad sweeping steps to smaller segments, still managing the connection between Strategic planning concepts.

Program Plan Guideline
Purpose: To take one goal, plan or target in the Tactical Plan to completion using smaller steps.

Mini Program Guideline
Purpose: To untangle Program Plan targets on a smaller and quicker scale.

Launch Plan Guideline
Purpose: A One-And-Done plan to bring a product, service or person into the view of the correct potential customer base.

Customer Retainment Plan Guideline
Purpose: To refine an operating machine within a company so it never loses touch with a customer and results in continued allegiance and business as well as referrals from that customer.

On-Boarding A New Team Member Guideline
Purpose: To bring a new Team Member in and give them the basic knowledge and direction needed to be a contribution to the team with exact steps to follow. Sometimes these must be done in a specific order.

Learning Process Guideline
Purpose: How to educate a Team Member (new or experienced) on a topic utilizing multiple points of view on the subject as well as hands-on demonstration along the way.

Event Planning Process Guideline
Purpose: To create, promote and produce a productive event.

I am adding the following because I wish there were more races that would get people out moving across the planet.  Not only is that helping the humans doing it, you can make it a Fundraiser for a local charity or fellow human (or animal) that needs help!

How To Produce A Foot Race (Road or Trail) As A Fundraiser (or not) Guideline
Purpose: To gather people together to run a set distance safely for Fundraising (or profit).


YOU write it!

Pull yourself away from ALL distractions.  Get a pen and paper (or if you prefer to use a computer, go for it – just DISCONNECT FROM THE INTERNET). 

Go to your library, clear your schedule for a day or two and WRITE YOUR IDEAS down.  If you have a partner, do it together!

If you need help, find someone that has experience in this and hire them to help you!

The time and energy will be worth it.

You WILL accomplish big things with a chartered plan of thoughts, actions and events. 



I think this all came to the surface for me because I’m starting out on a new journey and opened a business.  I’m doing my own strategic planning right now and I am excited to put time and energy and deep thought into how I want every moment of my life to be productive.

Yesterday I began telling a few of the associates I work with that I gave my 2-Weeks Notice.  Their first reaction was shock.  How could I leave this big stable company?  It took so much just to START and it seems everyone is tethered to a paycheck just to survive.

“Wait, what are you going to do!?”

“I’m opening my own Toy Store.”


“Here, in Monument Colorado.”

“For real!?  Really?!?  That is so awesome!!”

“Thanks!!  I’m super excited.”

We continued “conditioning” or “facing” the stock shelves humming along quickly.

“What if it fails?”

“It won’t.”

I’ll be updating more about this as I get my own Strategic Plan spelled out and I hope you, my dear readers, will help me! 

You are definitely on my mind for, if at least, just encouragement to stick with it and MAKE IT HAPPEN.  I think I have found something that works with my personal goal: to work for a company that makes the world better.



Published by Sarita Shoemaker

I love my kids, husband, pets, the Earth and family. My Top 5 feelings: gratitude, honor, honesty, respect, encouragement. Pretty certain this is how most of us would answer the prompt "About Me". Enough about me...how About You?

One thought on “10 Incredibly Important Concepts A Business Owner Should Know How To Do

  1. Yes…plotting out a course works in ALL areas of life, not just business 🙂. That is why so many people have trouble. It goes back to that old saying…
    ”Failing to plan is planning to fail”.
    Proud of you my friend for taking risks everyday of your life. You are a “Rut-Buster” and are a model to me for taking more chances in all walks of my life so I don’t end up in a daily rut. What could be a happier environment than a toy store???!!! 🥰


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