Oxygenetix Review (UPDATED below)

What is Oxygenetix?

A skin care line that my skin care specialist recommended to me in 2019 and I’ve stuck with them ever since.


I am filing a complaint as high as I can about Oxygenetix: A California-based company. Ordered on 12/22/22 and have not gotten the products.  

Yesterday their gatekeeper of a “customer service” person refused to refund my money (just under $200).  

The company has 13 people working there but only this ONE woman handles all of their communication on every topic.

This one person has made it impossible to have a good experience over the past 4 years of using their products. They have had shipping errors with me in the past.  I have had to deal with “Judy Duarte” (if that is even their name).

Complaining to their offices directly is useless: it all goes to this one lady who is intentionally sabotaging their client experiences.  

Now I’m on with my credit card to dispute the sale. This woman won’t behave like a decent human being and handle this reasonably. I tried plenty of times to get her to come to her senses with professional correspondence. It falls on deaf (and mean) ears.

Who knows if this post does anything…chances are it’s handled by this same lady who will bury it and none of the people above her will ever know what a terrible experience she has given me (and I feel confident I’m not the only one).

Company Leadership/Creator and Owners (I guess)

Kort Pierson
Brandon Powell
Randy Fisher
Barry Knapp

Judy Duarte

Who are the remaining 9 people? Does anyone know? It is interesting that there are only men listed as Creators of this product.

The online information about their location:
6820 Watcher St
Commerce California 90040

This is a Google Street picture of their address. Wow. Colonial Dames? The plot thickens!


This entire time I could have purchased this at Walmart? It says 15ml which is equivalent to .5oz. Price at Walmart vs Oxygentix in the photo collage:


I love their products! The skin moisturizer is the best I’ve ever had on my skin. I live in a very dry part of the country (USA) and it really feels like it works.

The Foundation is exactly my skin tone. It covers so nicely.

I have been a customer (happy with their products only, not their ordering experience) for 4 years.


Do you use any products that you would recommend? I would love to know about it in the comments.

I use Vegan products. Trying Arbonne right now (lOVE their toothpaste by the way). More on that as my 30 Days passes trying to do their 30 day plan.

Happy New Year!

ROUTE the app they make you pay for to make sure you get your product

I used their app to report the package is not with me and LOST. They say I’m out of luck and it “falls out of their domain of responsibility”.

This is a complete JOKE.

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2 thoughts on “Oxygenetix Review (UPDATED below)

  1. I’m convinced that companies have lost sight of their customers as people and only see dollar signs. They forget we have choices and it comes a time we will choose a competitor over being treated so poorly. Your experience is sad to hear. It’s sad because it’s becoming more the norm. I hope your comments reach the ears of someone who will care.


    1. I completely agree with you especially about the poor customer service. Someone built this company up. Someone had a dream and vision then put into the wrong hands! How can they not know this is happening? Maybe they’re building it to sell off and build something else.

      I love the product. It’s being made somewhere and likely rebranded by another company. It would be so cool to find that information and then take my $$ there.


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