Daily Affirmation

What is amazing about sharing your affirmation is the idea that we are all vibrating at different levels but we are connected.

I this concept and when I close my eyes I can see and feel this in the world. When my eyes are open and I am taking it all in I can FEEL that vibration deep inside my heart and soul.

Today is a contribution from MK (thank you for sharing). We will all benefit from this!


I embrace the concept of being comfortable with the uncomfortable. This opens up so many opportunity for learning and growth emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

Published by Sarita Shoemaker

I love my kids, husband, pets, the Earth and family. My Top 5 feelings: gratitude, honor, honesty, respect, encouragement. Pretty certain this is how most of us would answer the prompt "About Me". Enough about me...how About You?

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