I LOVE to cook!

My mother taught me how to make salads starting very young! “It needs more color!” Always, Mom!!

Well, hang on…I LOVE to EAT!!

I changed my diet in 2012 and began living a vegan lifestyle.

Oh was it SO TOUGH at first. I had to adjust so much and it felt like I was starving myself.

7 years later I find the vegan lifestyle so SIMPLE. I also don’t feel so hot when we eat out so cooking and baking my own meals has been a good choice there. My husband and I actually crave fresh vegetables like we used to crave some of the most unhealthy foods in 2012. We help each other stick to the 5-7 servings of raw fruits and vegetables every day. It does help having a partner keep you focused (so get one if you don’t have one).

PLUS we save so much money! Our EATING OUT budget is $50 for the month now (not including alcohol).