UFO Sighting on Valentine’s Day

Why and HOW did I miss taking a photo!?

Plenty of people did though.  At 6:22am on Tuesday February 14th a sudden light appeared in the northwest sky.  It was a sphere of light, very bright that had an explicit cone of light below it.  There was no trail behind it at all.  It was hovering.

Randy kept watching it – never looking away once.  I tried to get campers up to come and view it.  There was no sound accompanying the light.  

One camper thought it was a helicopter for sure.  In the 12 years I’ve been out on the planet at dawn and dusk, I have never ever seen something like this.

According to Randy the light disappeared shooting westward instantly.   It COULD be the 104 satellites that India launched, it COULD be a missile or it could be STILL unidentified.  OR it could be L. Ron Hubbard sending a signal from Target 2 (which is where David Miscaviage told me he would be “researching” until further notice.)  

Did you see it?  What do you think?

This photo was taken in #Montrose by an Instagram user.