6 Berry Fluffy Pancakes

IMG_5058Christmas Day 2015
6 Big Berry Fluffy Pancakes (with vegan alternatives)
(print Big Berry Fluffy Pancakes)
Gather your ingredients together BEFORE you begin creating these magical pancakes.  Follow the instructions exactly to get a perfect stack of pancakes.  We cooked and ate them one at a time because they were so perfect off the griddle hot and crispy on the edges.

(Where there is a non-vegan alternative I’ll include it in parentheses).

To get the best possible flavor, go for HIGH QUALITY ingredients.  It is not true that organic choices must cost more – find a local farmer’s market (buyer beware of fast organic claims – you will know when you taste it), certified organic delivery service (like Abundant Harvest Organics) or farm to table system if you can (that’s where you get the best prices.)  Organic food does NOT need to look fabulous – it needs to taste fabulous!  One ugly blueberry might knock your socks off.

wire whisk
mixing spoon
big bowl
measuring cups and spoons

1 cup of organic blueberries
1 cup of raspberries
1 cup of strawberries cut into bite-sizes
Maple syrup (Randy likes his warmed up)

2 cups – whole wheat organic flour
2 tablespoons – vegan sugar (or regular white sugar)
1 tablespoon – baking powder
⅛ teaspoon – pink himalayan salt
¼ teaspoon – coconut oil (for cooking the pancakes on the griddle)

¼ cup – cold  and just out of the fridge Earth Balance organic butter (or regular butter)
1 ¾ cups – Trader Joe’s non-sweetened original almond milk (the pink carton)
⅓ cup – rice milk
(the above could be switched out with regular milk)
1 teaspoon – Madagascar organic vanilla (Penzey’s spices has a fabulous option)

First rinse and chop all of your berries as instructed.  You can combine them or keep them separate (in case you like one type of berry more than another).

Now get the griddle heated up with a medium heat.

In the large bowl use your sifter and combine all of the dry ingredients.  With the wire whisk blend well.

Add the COLD butter in little bits then blend it with the wire whisk chopping and blending until the butter is in little bits (this takes a little time).

Add the COLD milks and vanilla then stir with a regular stirring spoon.

The mix is a bit stiff which is OK.  When you begin cooking the pancakes the butter will melt.

Spread the coconut oil where you will pour then take ⅓ cup and measure out mix onto griddle.  Wait for bubbles to appear through the whole cake and then flip.  The second side doesn’t need as much time cooking so pay attention.

The edges will be crispy and the cake will rise before your eyes!
Serve up with berries on top and syrup if you wish.

Merry Christmas!


We have plates created by our kids that are super special.  While your kids grow up be sure to have them make things that will always be a good memory for you.  We lost our daughter Amanda but now have this adorable plate to use every day.  Things like this will be special forever and ever.

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