Goodbye, Margaritaville

If there’s one drink I seem to love (too much on our vacation!) it is the margarita.

My favorite is not sweet really.  It’s puckery and refreshing.

A friend gave me a clue on how to make one – called a Perfect Margarita – which has Cointreau, fresh juices of lime, lemon and orange and, oh yeah, TEQUILA.

That was about a year ago.  OK, maybe TWO years ago.

She was a bartender and I’m betting she was well tipped.

I have since turned into somewhat of a connoisseur (read snob) on what I like the best. I even recognize the names of tequila and which one is my favorite.

I ALSO researched how to make my own tequila because it was so dang expensive I figured I could save on family finances by making my own little still.  Randy watches the Moonshiner show often so it helps when you see how simple it is.

For the record, it’s NOT that simple at all plus you cannot even call it tequila (according to Mexican law) if it isn’t produced in a small part of Mexico called Jalisco.  If my memory of my father’s side of the family is correct I’ve got roots there.

It’s a plant called BLUE AGAVE.   Surprise!!  (it was for me anyway)

Now onto why I’m saying GOODBYE to my most favorite drink.

I’ve been tasting margarita’s EVERY day on my vacation so far.  Mostly out dining.  I should have kept track of where and the type I ordered and if I liked it or not just for kicks.

Real quickly I can remember the Patron Margarita at Chili’s was pretty dang good.

The problem with dining out is, THE FOOD IS AWFUL.

I’ve gone from preparing our meals every day (except breakfast) to dining out for Lunch and Dinner almost every day.

Randy’s been dropping hints about his 2016 Jan plan.  “I’m going to eat RAW for 30 days.” He must have mentioned it 30 times since Thanksgiving.  I didn’t reply with much other than, “that’s great”.

I figured he NEEDS me to do the challenge because that guarantees a good raw meal prepared by me most of the time…I’m the cook in the house.

I’m vegan (99%) as well and love the flavor of all of the vegan creations I make at home.  Most dining out places are too saucy, heavy, salty, sweet…I like to control what goes into the meal more and use spices.

I recently ordered a new (to me) spice called VINDALOO.  Can’t wait to make something with it.

Yesterday Randy basically “closed” me to join him on the challenge. UNPROCESSED FOODS.

Now with my husband it is important to clarify what things actually MEAN to him.  I suggested he look over already-established menu/diet plans rather than try to come up with something that he has to create every single day.

That left two options on the table:  Tosca Reno’s Eat-Clean Diet or Chef AJ’s Unprocessed Diet.

We looked over the recipe ideas in each book.

Chef AJ’s Unprocessed Diet is the WINNER.

The planning has already begun.  We should poltergeist the kitchen actually.  (Note to self: he’s out on a run, get that done while he’s gone).

Starting Jan 1st we’re ON and we’re jazzed up about it too.

A Blog was created for it:

Screeching tire sound…


We already had our coffee and breakfast.

Randy: 2 large cups of black coffee. Breakfast burrito: 3 eggs, half avocado, potato
Sarita: 1 cup of coffee with coconut creamer. Corn flakes, fresh blueberries, 1/4cup granola and 2T dried cranberries in almond milk.

Lunch:  I threw together a vegetable stew and some funky corn bread. It was delicious (and warm).  We’re anticipating RAIN and soup always goes well with rain.

We will be adding a WEIGHT LIFTING DAILY ROUTINE to our Unprocessed Challenge as well.    Even a little is better than none, I guess.  Our lives are so busy I don’t know how we will actually make this happen.  Oh, and I’m walking/running and he’s running in preparation for a big race in May (Miwok 100).

I realized for me the big changes are going to be the eliminations:  coffee and alcohol.

But I’ll keep my 10 lb weight gain fresh in my mind and hopefully it will help.

We gather our stats (body fat, BMI) later today.

I think we’re going to do BEFORE photos.  No, those will NOT be posted!


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