Curling Hair Without Any Heat

I was bopping along on the internet and I found this “diy” video on how to curl your hair without using any heating instruments: curling iron, hair dryer, hot curlers.

Then I tried it right before bed when my hair was almost dry and it worked!

Hair - Before buff work 2

My hair is fine and I’d say styles about as easy as styling hay would be.  No joke.

It also doesn’t grow very quickly.

Yes it’s time to visit my stylist for a trim and color – appointment set to see Mary (check) after I made this video.






Check out the video of my latest attempt:

You need:

  1. A Buff Headband (or similar thicker headband)
  2. Damp medium to long length hair
  3. Stretch of at least 2 hours (for a stronger longer lasting curl more time!)

What you do:

  1. Brush hair out.
  2. Separate the back of your crown hair pulling from past (or below) the top.  Brush it forward toward one side (make a part on the other side).
  3. Fold up Buff and place it around head like a headband just above your ears.
  4. Begin taking small amounts of your hair and winding it over and through the Buff.
  5. Grab another section and repeat.
  6. You do not keep going with one section. Each time you are grabbing a new section and eventually the front hair will be used swirling all the way to the back.
  7. Tricky section: tough to see the back, try to use your fingers to feel for the opening at the back of the Buff.  With any remaining long hair, just wrap it around the Buff until it is fully wound. Sleeping on it will guarantee SUPER curly hair that will last longer than the quicker method.  I’d use it that way more for adding body to a style.  It’s CURLY!
  8. Also, don’t wind too tight.  You want looser curls?  Then don’t wrap too tightly.  That’s why the larger Buff’s work the best.
  9. Find a good movie, cook, play on the internet, read a book, work…find something to keep busy with while your hair “sets”.
  10. I am getting better at the wrapping
  11. After an hour, touch the hair on the Buff and determine if it is still damp.
  12. When dry just pull lightly on the Buff up and off of your head gently helping any tangled areas.
  13. Brush through with your fingers first.
  14. Be amazed!
  15. Style!

Hair curled FINISH photo


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