Are Perfumes Killing Us?

I am a freak about perfume for a few reasons.
#1 The chemicals in them are unregulated and harmful to our health.  

It is a personal choice whether to wear perfumes but, like smoking, “second-hand perfume smell”  hurts others.  Ever get into a small space with someone (or more than one person) wearing perfume or cologne?  It’s difficult to breathe which is your own body trying to tell you something.

fda-building-jpgThe FDA cannot boss the perfumers around  (despite the fact that our largest organ is our epidermis…and perfume absorbs through it).  The FDA is supposed to protect  the citizens of the United States of America by the way. 

“the National Academy of Sciences confirmed a federal interagency group’s conclusion that styrene, a chemical building block used to produce a wide variety of everyday products, can cause cancer.”  reference link

Know anyone with CANCER?  I have a list growing of family and friends battling (or having lost) the cancer fight.  In just the last 48 hours I had TWO people (women in their 50’s) added.  Pancreatic cancer that moved to the liver with an grapefruit size tumor successfully removed and pancreatic cancer that invaded the lungs and is at Stage 4 now. Nope, not smokers and not big drinkers.  
Try finding the INGREDIENTS of your perfume.  You can’t do it – because it is PROPRIETARY and they do not reveal those secrets.  

I did a little research online just curious about how many perfumes there are.  I discovered an incomplete list, dating back to 1709 with 464 names of perfumes created.  201 of them were in the last 16 years. 

What if you found out that your PERFUME was triggering cancer!?

#2 “No Regulations” has now lapped over into the world of animals.  


I wish perfume wearers would stop and think about that before they purchase.  If you have to wear perfume, why not support Cruelty Free?

If you wouldn’t do the testing yourself, I suggest you stop supporting it immediately. 


The thought of this makes me FURIOUS (to begin with).

The folks making the money should test on THEMSELVES.  Just like the Scientist B.T. Collins that wanted to prove malathion was safe to spray all over Los Angeles.  Who knows if he actually did drink it?  Sadly he died at the age of 52 of a Heart Attack.


Read ingredients and labels.

Do things to keep from stinking:  shower every day, brush your teeth, wear clean clothing.

If you workout and sweat?  PLEASE don’t cover it up with perfumes or colognes.  That’s like lighting a candle in the crapper – you get the essence of vanilla poop. 

If you must wear perfume, cologne or use perfumed products please consider dialing it down at least (meaning just ONE small dab on one spot only).

I urge you to stop altogether.  Perfumes are EXPENSIVE and you could take that money and donate it to a cause that you believe in.  
This website is my go-to for checking whether products are cruelty-free:

Cruelty Free Kitty

AND be sure to look for the LEAPING BUNNY PROGRAM!

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