We sold our adorable 1999 Coachman Travel Trailer that smelled weird but had survived 17 years of use and TLC to purchase a 2017 Forest River Cherokee and a $20 less monthly payment.

So far it’s been a tough learning experience.  The RV Spa is a place for SEASONED RV’ers not a brand new couple looking to travel across the US for the very first time.

We set off to our first camping experience where LOTS of things went wrong.

If you did not already know, RV’s are made out of paper mache.  The walls are thin, the shelving is about as sturdy as a shoe box and after traveling from Simi Valley to Thornhill Broome for our Maiden Voyage we discovered how to properly fill our pantry.
This was ONE of the many problems, like I said.
We are second guessing our plans.