The Day Before The Day We Go


Lake George may not be ready for us, but we’re driving to Mammoth Lakes tomorrow with our pets.

We may not even have a job right away but we decided, as we have been able to just not stress about much lately, SO WHAT.

The first stop is Bishop California and we’ve got a RV park waiting (thanks Rachel!) right behind Schatt’s Bakery I guess.

Today we visited with a few important people to personally tell them good bye.  One of our favorite people, John from NutriShop, jaw jacked about being a Small Business Owner and all he has accomplished.  PLUG: Shop local and shop with John – go INTO the shop and meet this kind man.

As a side note: WE DID NOT SELL 805 BOOT CAMP TO ANYONE but we’ve heard plenty of people have been told we have (or led to believe we have sold it).  We did not sell it ON PURPOSE.  More on that in another blog post down the road.  That was quite an eye-opener of an experience (lessons, lessons, lessons).

We decorated Amanda’s gravesite as well.

Her birthday is July 13th.  If you know her and would like to leave her flowers on that day PLEASE DO!  We’d love to see pics.  Her resting place is Oakwood Memorial Park Cemetary Spot 28 in the Vista Heights area.  22601 Lassen, Chatsworth CA.

This is our last visit for a while and it is bittersweet.  I asked Randy how he was managing this part of our plan and he is definitely going to miss the closeness that we have to her.  

About 3 months ago someone told us about Stuart Wilde.  I’ll try to remember that person’s name – they deserve a mention here. THANK YOU so much because we listened to him (he is a philosopher) and for me (anyway) it has become easier to manage the loss of my loved ones.  On the topic of religion I’m pretty open to understanding the theories and facts.  One thing I found extra helpful from Stuart was the concept of God and Energy.  The concept of godlike force working around us makes sense to me.  I believe my mom is with me every day as an energy and force to keep me on the path I’m on and help make good choices, steer clear of the people that do not want me to be happy (yep, they’re out there and they’re easy to spot now for me).

More things…

We made another trip to our storage unit.

There were a few other errands around town we wanted to complete for efficient storage in the TT (aka The Lorax 2).

It’s time to ROLL…like for REAL.

There are so many people to thank for all that we have experienced and what has pushed us to trust ourselves and our crazy plan.  You have helped us more than you know.  I think I’ll begin putting names of people that come to mind on each post I make.  They are in no particular order and they may come up more than once.  In some way you have given me a reason, push, guide, inspiration to trust in myself which, in turn, has given me courage to leap into this unknown world of WANDERLUST.  

Today I am thankful for:

Rick Montejano

Adelita Alvarez

Morgan Shoemaker

Claire Stachelrodt

Jordan S

Missy and Joe Stayton

Mary May



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