Paddle Boarding Lake George

The weather here in Mammoth Lakes has been spectacular (for lack of a better word).  

We’ve experienced rain, thunder, lightening, heat, chilly, breezy, blustery, extremely windy and a double rainbow (I was working and didn’t have a chance to take a pic…dang it).

Late last week a family pulled in desperate for a space.  There were 9 of them and the space limit on our site is 6.  That meant they’d have to get two sites.  

It was Thursday and it was around 6:00am when we were awoken by the FIRST of three families on the hunt for a spot.    Those were easy-peasy to handle.  I got them quietly registered and asked them to wait in the Day Use Parking so the occupying family could take their time to pack up and leave.    They had to plan on waiting 5 hours.  I wouldn’t budge on this point – they have until noon to vacate and it’s got to not be a pressured experience for them.   

The two first families happily agreed.  Come to find out this is a great place for Law Enforcement to hang out which is comforting.

Anywho, as I was cleaning our last space this super excited mom and dad came rolling over (Site 15) and asked if it was taken.  They were in luck and boy were they stoked!    We got them registered and they were able to occupy immediately.  Like I said, they had 9 and LUCKY FOR THEM Site #2 was also available.

You are probably wondering HOW and WHEN will I get to the Stand Up Paddle Boarding point?

Just a sec…

The family unloaded all of their stuff.  They had a LOT!  PLUS they had a lot of kids which was probably difficult to keep noise levels down (they did their best).  Did you know quiet time is OVER at 6:00am?  Doesn’t bug me but there are a few people that are NOT interested in getting up that early…they aren’t kids.

The dad popped over to grab his car tags and we all started jaw jacking about plans they had.  He looked EXTREMELY familiar too.  Come to find out he had run our White Bull Race with his brother.  It was like a family member had moved in and we were so excited to talk about all that kinda stuff.

On Monday (our day off) he offered his two SUP boards to use!  We felt so lucky!  I am still terrified of doing this after having a few lessons.  I’m about as comfortable as a feral cat getting a bath would be.  “Relax” is not possible – I’m wound tight as a violin ON MY KNEES.

Started on my knees. Got the courage up to STAND UP after about 30 minutes.
Randy, on the other hand, was smooth as a satin ribbon coasting all around Lake George.  It was a blast!  
I’d had enough on one lap. I stuck around the shore noticing that I could see the bottom of the lake easily.  There was a neon blue fish that was about 12 inches long below me and it dashed away…then about 5 minutes later a fish as round as a Coors Light can of beer wiggled beneath me and it was longer than the neon blue fish.  Kinda freaked me out but it is safe (I’m assured nothing will bite me in the lake).

If you haven’t yet tried to paddle board I encourage you to do it!  It is very peaceful once you get your bearing and balance.  You are like a leaf floating around on top of the water with the greatest views.  

We were lucky with next to no wind at all.

Tomorrow is our second day off and we are planning to hike to Red Cones (I think that is what it is called) past Lake McCleod.
We went into town for a late lunch at Robertos – I got a big salad and…a MARGARITA!!  Unfortunately, again, I began to get the rash and the breathing problems so Randy rushed out to the truck to get me a benedryl.  It made me sleepy but the breathing normalized and by the time we got home I was OK.

Then our boss (well I’m not sure if they are directly our boss at this point – we are still getting settled in on things) stopped by to tell us about a few things we needed to improve on.
LESSON for today:  Get your work done well before your day off and be nice to people!  It could result in an opportunity you never even had on your radar.

Published by Sarita Shoemaker

I love my kids, husband, pets, the Earth and family. My Top 5 feelings: gratitude, honor, honesty, respect, encouragement. Pretty certain this is how most of us would answer the prompt "About Me". Enough about About You?

One thought on “Paddle Boarding Lake George

  1. What a lovely concept “be nice to people”!! Great story Sarita!! I’m living vicariously through you!!!


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